Belizestagram! The Best Photos Of The Week

Here’s the weekly mashup (January 14 – 20) of the best Belize Instagram photos. All these photos are personally taken by the individuals when they were in Belize.

If you want your photos to be included, remember to tag them using the hashtag #Belize.

Also, in case I might miss your photos, you can personally tweet me at @belizeadventure.


10.  The Hummingbird highway – lacefulofgrace


Hummingbird Highway in Southern Belize

9. Cahal Pech Maya site – urbanturban


Cahal Pech Maya Ruin

8. Belize urban landscape – tasia_marie


Belize Urban Landscape

7. The Belize river valley – tonyluec


Belize River Valley

6. Cocoa pod – roxan23


Cacoa Pod

5. A small Belizean grocery store – gabstertica


Belizean Grocery store

4. Beach chairs – stefankaltschmitt


Beach chairs in Belize

3. Sunset sailing – lilykoto


Sunset Sailing in Belize

2. A beautiful Belizean sunset – dangerousbiz


Beautiful Belizean Sunset

1. A colonial style beach home – mckinleypritchard


Belizean Beach home

I had a hard time choosing the top photo. Since I love sunsets I really wanted to go with Amanda’s Caye Caulker shot but the colonial style beach home in Placencia stole my heart. I have a house in Cayo, which is in Western Belize but I have yet to own property on the beach – that’s on my bucket list.


Do you like how I ranked the photos? Would you rank them differently?



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