Butterflies worth spotting in Belize

Butterflies are beautiful creatures and Belize is fortunate to be filled with them. Current estimates say that there are approximately over 700 species of butterflies found throughout the country.

As important pollinators, in the wild, you can commonly see these insects floating effortlessly from one plant to the next sucking sweet nectar from flowers. If you desire a closer look, I recommend you visit one of the several butterfly farms found in Belize. There you will be able to spend a few hours learning about different species and witness their complete life cycle (egg > larva > pupa > adult). Whether you are a kid or adult, a trip to butterfly farms in Belize is well worth a visit. Trust me.

10 beautiful Butterflies of Belize

1. Blue Morpho

Blue morpho

2. Cross-barred White

Cross-barred White Butterfly


3. Dusted Spurwing

Dusted Spurwing butterfly

4. Gray Cracker

Gray Cracker Butterfly

5. Juno Heliconian

Juno Heliconian Butterfly

6. Turquoise-spotted Navy Eighty-eight

Turquoise-spotted Navy Eighty-eight butterfly

7. White Peacock

White Peacock butterfly

8. Chiapas Stripe-streak

Chiapas Stripe-streak Butterfly

9. Frosted Flasher

Frosted Flasher Butterfly

10. Dusky-blue Groundstreak

Dusky-blue Groundstreak Butterfly

If you want to see these butterflies in the wild, I suggest you ask a tour guide to help you spot them when you are on tours, especially tours to Mayan ruins. I know for a fact that Caracol Archaeological site is one of the best places to see butterflies in Belize. Other great sites are Cahal Pech and Xunantunich. You are also most likely to encounter several butterflies during nature hikes and if you are staying at jungle lodges.

Butterfly farms in Belize

Green Hills Butterfly Farm www.green-hills.net/index.html

Located in Mountain Pine Ridge, Green Hills is most-likely the best butterfly farm to visit.

Fallen Stones Butterfly Farm http://www.hickatee.com/belize-butterflies

Located in Toledo, Fallen Stones is perfect for travellers visiting Southern Belize.

Chaa Creek Butterfly Farm www.chaacreek.com/butterfly-farm/

Located at Chaa Creek, this butterfly farm solely features the radiant Blue Morpho.

Tropical Wings Butterfly House www.thetrekstop.com/tropical-wings

Located in Benque Viejo, this eco center is perfect for travellers coming from Guatemala.


All pictures courtesy of Joe Schelling, except the first photo which is by William Warby.




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  1. Agness June 24, 2014 at 10:37 PM #

    Turquoise-spotted Navy Eighty-eight wins! So so beautiful!


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