Belize Destinations

The question: Where to go and stay in Belize will depend on what you want to do, however, the country is so small that you’ll be able to easily experience both jungle and beach destinations. If you don’t believe me, check out my 10 step Belize travel guide.

The best destinations in Belize offer varied experiences and activities that can accommodate any type of traveler. Each destination introduces you to a different side of Belize, whether it is the people, the unique natural landscape or the habitat. So come enjoy inland Belize for eco jungle adventures and the Islands and Cayes for sun, sand and sea activities. Below you will find the top best places to visit in Belize:

Where to Go in Belize – Top 10 Destinations

Sunrise in Ambergris Caye, Belize1Ambergris Caye

Ambergris Caye is Belize’s largest island and the most popular destination in Belize. The island maintains its very low-key, laid-back vibe, earning it a devout following of regular travelers who return again and again, and in some cases, just never leave. As Belize is an English-speaking country, you will find a large number of expats who made the place their permanent home after falling in love with the island. Read more…


caye caulker beach swing

2. Caye Caulker

Located around a mile from Belize’s famed Barrier Reef system, the tiny island of Caye Caulker is a popular stop for backpackers and budget travelers, and those just looking to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life back home.  With vibrant turquoise waters and a hip local vibe, the island has become increasingly popular with travelers wanting to experience local Belizean culture while still enjoying a tropical vacation. Read more…



Butterfly Falls, Belize

3. Cayo

The Cayo District is probably the number one stop for travelers looking to spend a few days on Belize’s mainland. It’s wealth of natural attractions, concentration of Mayan history sites, and its excellent display of local cuisine have earned Cayo the distinction of being known as the cultural heart of Belize. Read More…




Scuba diving in Belize's Blue Hole

4. Placencia

Placencia is quickly growing and becoming one of the more popular spots for travelers wanting a coastal spot on Belize’s mainland. Once a sleepy village, the peninsula is now home to some of the most luxurious resorts in the country. Fortunately, its growth spurt has not affected its quiet charm and Placencia village remains a quiet getaway spot where golf carts are still a popular mode of transportation. Read more…




Hopkins Village Beach

5. Hopkins

Even though Hopkins has grown from being a small fishing village, the area has retained its seaside charm and resisted over-commercialization. You will feel the Garifuna culture at every turn in the village, along with a gateway to a wealth of water and nature activities. Highlights in Hopkins includes the friendly people, incredible dive sites, and exotic nature adventures. Read more…




Altun Ha Mayan Ruin

6. Belize City

Belize City acts as the main gateway to the country of Belize. If you decide to spend a day and explore the old capital, don’t forget to check out all the historical sites and nearby attractions such as the Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary and the Belize Zoo. Belize City is home to the largest concentration of large hotels, conference facilities, and even the only cruise ship terminal. Read more…




beach camping belize at Glovers Reef

7. Glovers Reef

Glover’s Reef Atoll is one of the southernmost of Belize’s islands and atolls and is the prime destination for Caribbean explorers. Although it was first inhabited by the Mayas, it is named after two pirate brothers, John and Rodger Glover, who discovered the island in the 1750s. Read more…





mask temple lamanai maya ruin

8. Orange Walk

Often referred to as “Sugah City” throughout the country, Orange Walk is one of the sweetest districts in Belize with the unmistakable aroma of sugarcane filling the air. Much like its other northern neighbor Corozal, Orange Walk is home to a myriad of cultural backgrounds. Here you will find many Mestizos – a blend of Spanish and Yucatec Maya who fled Mexico during the Caste War. Look for Spanish influence in both the architecture and cuisine. Read More…



Placencia sunrise under a palapa

9. Corozal

Corozal is the northernmost district of Belize and is primarily populated by Mestizos. This district is very popular for expats who are seeking a laid back lifestyle but want easy access to nearby Chetumal in Mexico which offers all the modern infrastructures of a major city. Attractions in Corozal include visiting Maya ruins and experiencing the simple life of small fishing villages. Read more…




Southern belize rainforest

10. Toledo

Toledo is the southernmost district of Belize and is sometimes referred to by locals as the “Forgotten Land”. Due to it’s rural and remote location, this district is not heavily visited by people, this may be good or bad, depending on what someone is looking for when choosing a vacation destination. Read More…


Where to Stay in Belize: