Guide to Glover’s Reef Atoll

Glover's Reef Belize

Glovers Reef Atoll is an amazing and beautiful atoll that is comprised of 5 Cayes – Long Caye, Northeast Caye, Middle Caye, Southwest Caye and Manta island – and is 36 miles off the coast of Southern Belize (Dangiga).

It is one of the southernmost atolls and is a prime destination for Caribbean explorers. Although it was first inhabited by the Mayas, it is named after two pirate brothers, John and Rodger Glover, who discovered the island in the 1750s. The two were unofficially hired by the British monarchy to raid Spanish ships as they sailed by.

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The biodiversity in Glovers Reef Marine Reserve is unmatched; it’s been named a World Heritage Site under the UNESCO World Heritage Convention. Most of the island’s residents work at the Glovers Reef Research Station owned by the Wildlife Conservation Society, but travelers can stay in dorms, thatched cabins, or camp.

For accommodations, check out Off the Wall dive center and resort, Glovers Reef basecamp, Long Caye resort, Isla Marisol resort and Glover’s Atoll resort.

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