Make the most out of a week in Belize

So you only have a week vacation and you’re wondering if that’s enough travel time in Belize?

Yes, it is, and with the right itinerary, you’ll end up doing a lot of amazing things. For example, take a look at the below guide to see exactly how you can schedule your 7 days in Belize.

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One Week in Belize

4 days inland, 3 days island (Cayo and Ambergris Caye)

Day 1:

Day 2:

Day 3: 

  • OR, choose to explore Mountain Pine Ridge. Things to do there include visiting Caracol, Rio Frio Cave and the Rio On Pools.

Day 4: 

Day 5:

Day 6:

Day 7: 

  • Do some last minute shopping in downtown San Pedro.
  • Catch a watertaxi to Belize City or fly directly to the PGIA.

Check out itinerary alternatives: 14 days in Belizebackpacking in Belize and Belize on the cheap. Also, take a look at the tours and activities page.

If you love the beach, feel free to switch things around by spending more time on the island of San Pedro. Some of the above inland tours can also be done from the island by booking it via Tropic Air.

Tours in Belize by Tropic Air

Tropic Air tours take you to Lamanai, ATM Cave and Tikal