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I started this blog because I am passionate about Belize Tourism and want to promote an industry that plays a vital role in the economic development of Belize. If it were not for the multiplier effect of tourism, and it’s far reaching hand, it would be hard for many Belizeans, specifically for the lower class, to take care of their families.

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Last year I reached out to tourism businesses that I already recommend (I wouldn’t promote a business I don’t trust) and asked them if they were interested in supporting this blog. The concept of Internet marketing is relatively new to many Belizean businesses so many don’t understand the benefits of having an ad on my website.

But a few businesses signed up and here’s how you as a reader can do me a biggie!

Support this website by supporting those businesses that are keeping this blog alive. is four years strong and I try to update it once a week. However, since I have worked hard in creating evergreen content, writing regular posts is not that necessary.

AND/ OR you can buy me a CRAFT BEER via PayPal! P.s. If you’re ever in Toronto, visit Bellwoods Brewery for the most amazing beer.


I will keep sharing the best advice so don’t worry about any of the information changing. I believe that honesty is the best way to go and that’s why I’m sharing the above information with you. Thanks and let me know if you have any questions or concerns.





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