Belize Airport Departure Tax and Border Exit Fees (2018)

entry and departure requirements for belize

Most individuals visiting Belize only require a passport to enter the country. However, individuals from some countries require a visa so make sure to check out the entry requirements page. When leaving Belize, however, there is a mandatory departure tax.

Airport Departure Tax vs Border Exit Fee

Fortunately, the departure tax is typically included in your airline ticket but you should check to see if it isn’t since you won’t be able to leave the country without paying the exit fee.

Once you’re leaving from the Philip Goldson International Airport (PGIA), the departure fee is US$55.50 for non-Belizean residents (to be paid in US cash only). Additionally, a security fee of US $0.75 is charged for domestic security screening.

If you are leaving Belize through the Guatemala or Mexico border, the departure fee is US$20.00 or BZD $40.00 if paid in Belize dollars, which when subdivided, includes BZD $30.00 for a border exit fee, BZD $7.50 for a Protected Areas Conservation Trust (PACT) conservation fee, and BZD $2.50 for a border development fee.

However, for travelers that are staying less than 24 hours in Belize (i.e. backpackers traveling from Mexico to Guatemala or vice-versa), they don’t have to pay the BZD $7.50 conservation fee. The border exit and development fees still apply though.



What is a departure tax?

It is an exit fee that individuals leaving a country have to pay. The money is usually used for infrastructure development, airport maintenance or expansion, and national conservation efforts.

Do children pay the departure tax?

Yes, all individuals are charged the same departure fee. It is on a per person basis.

Do I have to pay in US or Belize currency?

Non-Belizean residents (international tourists) must pay the departure fee in US dollars and Belizean residents can pay however they prefer.

Anything important that tourists should consider about Belize border fees? 

FYI: If you leave Belize for one-day tours, which typically occurs when one goes to Tikal Guatemala, tourists must pay the border exit fee.