Belize Airport Departure Tax & Land Border Exit Fees

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Exit or Departure fee for Belize

There is no entry fee for Belize. Most tourists only require a valid passport to enter the country for up to 30 days before having to get a Visitor’s Permit Extension. However, citizens from a few countries require an entry visa so make sure to check out the Belize entry requirements page.

When leaving Belize, however, there is an exit fee. Belize’s departure tax is used for infrastructure development, airport/ border maintenance or expansion, and national conservation efforts. The fee amount varies depending on whether you are leaving Belize via the airport or land border.

Airport Departure Tax

Non-Belizeans must pay airport fees that total US$73.50 when flying out of Belize on international flights. It includes US$20 for the Protected Areas Conservation Trust (PACT), US$15 for passenger service, US$36 for airport development, US$1.25 for security, and US$1.25 for baggage handling. Foreigners must pay the fees in US cash.

Belize’s airport departure tax is typically included in airline tickets but you should check to see if it isn’t since you won’t be able to leave the country without paying the fee.

For citizens and residents of Belize, the airport fee is US$17.50 (BZ$35) since it only includes the service, security, and baggage handling charges. Only foreigners should pay the airport development and PACT conservation fees. Note that Belizeans will be charged the additional airport development and conservation fees if they purchase flights directly from international airlines but they can claim a refund of US$56 (BZ$112) directly from the airline or at PGIA’s receptionist desk.

Belize International Airport FeesUSD
Passenger Service$15
Baggage Handling$1.25
Airport Development$36
Protected Areas Conservation Trust (PACT)$20

Land Border Exit Fee

Non-Belizeans leaving Belize through its land borders with Guatemala or Mexico must pay an exit fee of BZ$40. This includes BZ$30 for a border exit fee, BZ$7.50 for a Protected Areas Conservation Trust (PACT) fee, and BZ $2.50 for a border development fee. See the table below for prices in USD.

However, foreigners that stay in Belize for less than 24 hours, such as someone transiting from Mexico to Guatemala or vice-versa, don’t pay the BZ$7.50 conservation fee. Only the border departure and development fees that total BZ$32.50 will still apply.

Citizens or residents of Belize do not pay land border exit fees.

Land Border FeesUSD
Border Departure Processing$15
Border Development$1.25
Protected Areas Conservation Trust (PACT)$3.75


What is the Belize departure tax?

It is an airport or border exit fee that must be paid when leaving Belize. The money is used for infrastructure development, airport/ border maintenance or expansion, and national conservation efforts. For example, the departure fee helps fund Belize’s network of protected areas via PACT.

Do children pay the departure tax?

Yes, all individuals are charged the same departure fee. It is on a per-person basis.

Do I have to pay the departure fee in US or Belize currency?

Non-Belizeans (international tourists) must pay airport and land border departure fees in US dollars. Citizens or residents of Belize are only charged certain airport fees and they can pay in Belizean dollars.

Are there Belize border crossing fees for Guatemala day tours?

If you leave Belize for one-day tours, which typically occur when visiting Tikal in Guatemala, tourists must pay the land border crossing fee of US$20 (BZ$40). However, typically this is included in the cost of your tour.