10 must-have authentic Belizean souvenirs

Belizean arts and crafts are sold at giftshops and roadside
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Whenever I travel, I try to have extra cash and additional space in my bags for cool souvenirs. However, many times, due to time constraints or being inundated by options, I end up buying a second-rate memento. And that’s annoying, right?

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Similarly, you may be overwhelmed by the variety of keepsakes during your Belize vacation. Fortunately, I’m here to help by providing a shortlist of the best Belizean souvenirs. From Belizean rum, beers or chocolate, to handmade natural soaps, wooden bowls and amazing Maya baskets, below are 10 authentic souvenirs that you should get in Belize.

Top 10 unique souvenirs to buy in Belize

1. Mayan basket

Mayan basket in Belize

My favourite Belize souvenir is Mayan baskets since each basket has a unique and intricate design that took several days to make. Along with baskets, Maya women are able to weave tableware, furniture and clothing from the Jippi Jappa palm in Belize.

2. Belizean Hot Sauce

Marie Sharp’s hot sauce is unbelievably good! Once you’ve tried it, you’ll notice why it’s considered one of the best hot pepper sauces in the world! There are several flavours and heat levels from mild to hot, to extreme heat. You can get Marie Sharp’s in grocery stores across Belize or buy it at the international airport before returning home.

3. Handmade Natural Soap

Rubba Dub Soap

If you stay at any of the top eco-lodges in Belize, chances are that you’ll be introduced to Rubba Dub Soap. Using natural ingredients only, the soaps come in a variety of fragrances that induce relaxation and make your skin feel wonderful. I’ve bought them as presents for my friends and they loved them. To purchase, visit gift shops across Belize or their home-based business in San Ignacio.

4. Local Carvings & Jewelry

Slate carvings in Belize

Many local artists are known for creating amazing carvings and jewelry. Carvings from slate or wood with Maya depictions are the most popular but many also feature animals surrounded by the Belizean rainforest or barrier reef. Conch jewelry is perhaps the most popular but handmade jewelry from slate, wood, natural stone, and even coral are found throughout Belize.

5. Belizean Rum

One Barrel Rum

Rum is the top alcoholic drink of Belizeans. And the top favourite rum for tourists is One Barrel Rum. Aged for 12 months in Kentucky Oak Barrels, it is sweet, spicy and smooth. An alternative is Caribbean Rum, which is more subtle tasting and popular with locals. Both rums are sold in grocery stores across Belize and at souvenirs shops at the international airport in Belize City.

6. Chocolate

Belizean chocolate

Did you know that the ancient Maya consumed large amounts of chocolate on a regular basis? Mayan chocolate was thick and frothy and it was often combined with chilli peppers, honey or water. So during a Belize trip, share the Maya’s passion for cacao and try Belizean Chocolate! Chocolate or coffee produced in Belize can most often be found at resort gift shops!

7. Belikin Beer

belikin beer

Belikin is Belize’s national beer and it’s the perfect travel souvenir for beer lovers. Options include lagers, stouts, and seasonal beers such as Chocolate or Sorrel Stout. They can be found at grocery stores across Belize and at the Belikin Store inside the international airport’s waiting lounge.

8. Hammock

hammock in Belize

Maybe it’s just me but nothing is more relaxing than laying on a hammock and drinking a nice cold beer or cocktail! So for that person that loves relaxing on a hammock, buy a Belizean-made hammock to try at home! Alternatively, big spenders can invest in a Belize clam chair, which is pictured above in the bottom right corner.

9. Wood Tableware and Kitchen Utensils

Zericote wooden bowls

Wooden tableware and kitchen utensils are such awesome gifts for anyone that likes wood. My favourite is Zericote salad bowls but colourful wooden spoons and cutting boards made of various Belizean native woods are also great! Gift shops across Belize carry wooden products and you can also find them at random street stalls selling wooden products.

10. Garifuna Drum

Garinagu people of Belize

Garifuna drums can be an awesome new instrument to learn but they are also a very nice decorative keepsake. I gave my sister a drum and since she’s a teacher, she often takes it to class and gives the kids music lessons.

Bonus: Belize T-shirt

I dare you to say that you don’t want a shirt that says: “You better Belize it!” (haha)



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