Green Iguana Conservation Project

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A baby Green Iguana at the Green Iguana Conservation Project

Located in San Ignacio, the Green Iguana Conservation Project is a conservation program undertaken by the San Ignacio Hotel Resort to protect endangered iguanas in Belize. Here you can witness the life cycle of this reptile and also contribute to its protection.

In Belize, the green iguana is prized as a special treat during specific religious months (Easter) and this has led to it becoming endangered. As a result, the government and private sector have invested in making sure this unique species is protected via educational awareness and conservation efforts.

Green Iguana Project tour

The Green Iguana Project tour is offered daily from 8AM – 4PM. It starts at the San Ignacio Hotel Resort lobby and it slowly makes its way through the “jungle” to the iguana hatchery. At the hatchery, visitors are able to mingle with the iguanas and learn about the incubation, hatching, rearing and releasing process.

In addition, visitors can contribute to the green iguana conservation efforts by participating in the Adopt-an-Iguana Program and the Iguana Kids Club, both of which raise funds to sustain the project and fund scholarships.

Things to bring on tour

  • Bugspray
  • Light hiking shoes or closed toe sandals
  • Sunscreen
  • Camera
  • Hat or sunglasses are optional

Tour price and what’s included

  • $12 USD per person
  • Entrance fee and guided tour