Rio On Pools

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Rio on Pools in Mountain Pine Ridge, Belize

The Rio on Pools is perhaps Mountain Pine Ridge’s top attraction. Here the Belize River spills over large granite ledges and rocks, making small waterfalls and cool round pools that swimmers can enjoy.

Visiting Rio On Pools

Just off the main road in the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve, before reaching Augustine Village, you’ll find the popular Rio on Pools. Most tourists visit the site on their way back from Caracol but a few people go for swimming, bird watching or just relaxing. There is a nice picnic area nearby to relax and watch swimmers enjoying the troughs, pools and natural waterslides made smooth by the rushing water.

The drive from San Ignacio to Mountain Pine Ridge is about 2 hours. However, there is the option of staying there. If this is the case, there are a few hotels that are located within the reserve.