An afternoon at Cahal Pech Ruins

cahal pech
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I’ve never gotten over the fact of how even though Cahal Pech ruins are just a short walk from downtown San Ignacio, it feels very secluded. I can’t pinpoint the age I was when I first visited this Maya site but I think it must have been when I was a grade school because I can recall how huge the temples seemed and running through the arch ways with a bunch of friends who’s faces are unfortunately blurry in my memory.

Last week I had the opportunity to revisit Cahal Pech and I excitedly explored every inch of the place just like I must have done when I was a kid. The truth is that since Maya sites are surrounded by nature, I find them very relaxing and hiking temples is a great way to get a nice work out.

Enjoy the photo essay.

cahal pech entrance

There are nice steps leading to Cahal Pech. This is a newish installment.

cahal pech

At the entrance there’s a cool shop where you can buy gifts and souvenirs.

cahal pech

This is the first temple, its located across from the gift store.

cahal pech main temple

This is the front section of the main temple.

cahal pech

Inside the main temple. I can imagine that the Mayan royals would sit on top of the temple and would be entertained by people who were inside the courtyard.

cahal pech courtyard

Another shot from inside the main temple. Getting to the top was a bit tricky since it had been raining all morning and the ground was slippery.

cahal pech

The opposite side of the courtyard, looking from the first top level.

Maya corbel arch

The famous Maya corbel arch.

maya steps

Cool steps. Maybe it was used as an escape route?

maya ball court

Here’s a shot of the Mayan ball court where the famous Mesoamerican ballgame was played.

maya temezcal in Cahal Pech Belize

I’ll leave you with this photo of a Temezcal, an ancient type of sauna. The Maya used this heat room for health and religious reasons.

Cool, huh?



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