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Orange Walk Tacos
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Aside from vast sugar cane fields and the Maya site of Lamanai, Orange Walk is known for its unique blend of cultures, which has had a significant influence on Belizean food.

Orange Walk Town is primarily comprised of Mestizos but you can also find Mayas, East Indians, Chinese, and Creoles–each ethnic group bringing their own distinct taste and cooking techniques to the local cuisine. Here is a list of 5 restaurants that you must visit when in Orange Walk.

1. Maracas Bar and Grill

Maracas Bar & Grill in Orange Walk Town

Maracas Bar and Grill is a trendy, upbeat restaurant located right next to the New River in Orange Walk Town. It has quickly become a top food spot for locals and tourists alike, due to its unique blend of Caribbean and Latin American flavours, extensive drink menu, and lively atmosphere. The restaurant offers indoor and outdoor seating, with colourful decor inspired by Belizean cultures. 

2. Cocina Sabor

Cocina Sabor Restaurant in Orange Walk

Cocina Sabor is a popular local restaurant in South-west Orange Walk Town. It specializes in serving up a blend of local and international cuisine, all expertly crafted and made with the freshest ingredients. It offers a comfortable air-conditioned dining area and outside open-air seating. Additionally, the restaurant boasts an inviting atmosphere, friendly staff, and affordable prices, making it a favourite among locals and tourists.

3. Nahil Mayab Restaurant and Patio

Nahil Mayab Restaurant and Patio in Orange Walk

Nahil Mayab Restaurant is a popular dining destination known by locals and tourists for its delicious food, friendly service, and welcoming atmosphere. The menu at Nahil Mayab features a variety of international dishes and classic Belizean foods, including ceviche, rice and beans, stewed chicken, and seafood. The outdoor patio is a particularly charming spot to enjoy a meal, offering a relaxed vibe.

4. Luigi’s Restaurant

Luigi's Restaurant in Orange Walk Town

Luigi’s Restaurant is a popular local dining spot in the heart of Orange Walk offering a wide range of dishes that incorporate Belizean flavors with international cuisine. From fresh seafood to mouthwatering steak to vegetarian options, there is something for everyone at Luigi’s. The relaxed ambiance of the restaurant has made it a go-to spot for casual meals with friends and family, as well as romantic dinners with loved ones.

5. Elma’s Tacos

Rolled Tacos in Belize

Trying Elma’s Tacos or any other street food stall selling rolled tacos is a must when visiting Orange Walk. Typically sold for breakfast or lunch, the tacos consist of fresh corn tortillas that are rolled with a filling of chicken, minced cabbage, and a bit of habanero sauce. This is a staple in Mestizo communities, particularly in Orange Walk Town where people from all over Belize visit to eat their tacos. 



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