Guide to Half Moon Caye

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Half Moon Caye is a part of Lighthouse Reef Atoll

1. About Half Moon Caye

Located at the southwest corner of Lighthouse Reef Atoll, Half Moon Caye is a pristine, crescent-shaped island and natural monument that is as gorgeous from above as it is from underwater. This natural monument was the first nature reserve established in Belize and it’s the first marine protected area in Central America.

2. Things to Do in Half Moon Caye

Red-Footed Booby at Half Moon Caye
Red-footed booby

Half Moon Caye is popular with outdoor adventurers. With the Great Blue Hole and Half Moon Caye Wall being nearby, the area draws diving and snorkeling enthusiasts, and since the caye has a colony of Red-footed Boobies, birdwatchers often visit to see this rare bird. An estimated 4,000 booby birds live there.

Top Things to Do in Half Moon Caye

  1. Camp overnight on the beach to experience what’s it like to live on a secluded remote island
  2. Go birdwatching to see Frigatebirds and the rare Red-footed booby
  3. Snorkel or dive the Half Moon Caye Wall
  4. Dive the Great Blue Hole
  5. Explore the island by foot and kayak around the various cayes

3. Where to Stay in Half Moon Caye

Beach camping on Half Moon Caye, Lighthouse Reef Atoll

Most people don’t stay on Half Moon Caye, instead, they stay at a dive resort and go on day trips to explore the island or stop off for a beach picnic between dives. Those that do stay overnight, however, can only camp. Options include bringing your gear and supplies and pitching a tent on the beach or staying in safari-style canvas tents at Island Expedition’s Marine basecamp.

Top Places to Stay in Half Moon Caye

4. Getting Here & Around

Coral at Lighthouse Reef Atoll

Half Moon Caye doesn’t have an international airport so you’ll have to fly into the Philip Goldson International Airport (BZE) near Belize City.

From Belize City, you’ll need to take a chartered boat to Half Moon Caye, which involves scheduling a pick-up by the tour operator that is assisting you with your visit. Once there, you can get around the small island via foot only.

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