5 Things to Do in Belmopan

National Assembly of Belize in Belmopan City
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Situated within the Cayo District, Belmopan City is the capital of Belize, where most government buildings, foreign embassies, and NGOs are based.

Belmopan is not a typical place for tourists to stay but with top jungle adventure tours such as caving and visiting nature parks nearby, it is a popular destination for day trips. And since it is located in the center of the country, it is often used as a connecting point for people traveling across Belize by land.

Here is a list of some of the best things to do in or near Belmopan

1. Explore Nohoch Che’en Caves Branch

Cave tubing in Belize

Nohoch Cheʼen Caves Branch is an archaeological reserve located 30 minutes southeast of Belmopan. It consists of an extensive network of limestone caves surrounded by dense jungle. Locally referred to as Caves Branch only, the site is a popular destination in Belize for cave tubing since the Caves Branch River flows through some of its caves. A zip-line canopy tour can also be done on-site, which is often added as a 2-in-1 adventure.

2. Visit the George Price Centre for Peace and Development

George Price Centre for Peace and Development in Belmopan, Belize

Explore the story of Belize at the George Price Centre for Peace and Development. The centre was established in 2004 in honour of the Right Honorable George Price, referred to as “the father of Belize”. On-site you can find a museum and educational centre that aims to promote the peaceful development of Belize. On this journey, also stop off at National Assembly Building, to see a brutalist representation of ancient Maya Temples.

3. Swim and hike at St. Herman’s Blue Hole National Park

St. Herman's Blue Hole National Park in Belize

St. Herman’s Blue Hole is a national park located 20 minutes south of Belmopan. Situated along the popular Hummingbird Highway, which connects western Belize to the south, the site is well known by locals who often visit to swim in its blue hole cenote. Cenotes are water-filled sinkholes that form when the limestone roof of an underground cave collapses, exposing the water to the surface. The park also has a cave and well-maintained trails that are great for hiking or birding.

4. Grab food at local market stalls

Local restaurant in Belmopan City

Belmopan’s various outdoor markets are great for grabbing local food or stocking up on fresh fruits and vegetables. The most popular market area is near the bus terminal in Belmopan’s downtown core. Across from the terminal, on both sides of the Bliss Parade road, is where most government workers go to have lunch or buy veggies before heading home for the day. And less than 10 minutes away is the Belmopan Market Plaza, which operates as a flea market on Tuesdays and Fridays.

5. Venture into the Guanacaste National Park

Guanacaste National Park in Belmopan, Belize.

Located at the entrance of Belmopan, where the George Price Highway and Hummingbird Highway meet, Guanacaste National Park is one of the most accessible parks in Belize. Although the park consists of only 50 acres, it is a great spot to experience the flora and fauna of Belize, with over two miles of hiking trails that are filled with opportunities to see a variety of native plants and birds. It is a particularly popular spot for birders who have limited time since their bird-watching deck overlooking the Roaring Creek is easily accessible.

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