Top things to do in Crooked Tree

Great Blue Heron and Cow in Crooked Tree Belize
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Established around 1750, Crooked Tree Village is considered one of the earliest inland European settlements in Belize. The small Belizean Creole village has approximately 1,000 inhabitants and is an inland island surrounded by lagoons and a creek.

Crooked Tree is located near Belize City and due to its ecological importance and abundant wildlife, it is a popular destination for eco-tourists from around the world. Some of the best things to do there include learning about the Creole culture, birdwatching, canoeing, and nature walks.

Top 5 Things To Do in Crooked Tree

1. Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary Birding Boat Tour

Birding Boat Tour Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary

One of the main highlights of Crooked Tree is the Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary, a national protected area of natural wetlands savannas, lagoons, and creeks. The sanctuary is home to over 300 species of migratory, resident, terrestrial and aquatic birds, in addition to crocodiles, howler monkeys, iguanas, and several other wildlife that are exclusive to tropical regions. The best way to explore the sanctuary is through a Birding Boat Tour. This is because when exploring by boat, you are bound to get up close to the flora and fauna. Expect your tour guide to easily spot various types of wildlife and explain their appearance, habitat, migration patterns and seasonal activities.

2. Guided Birding Walk

Bird Walk at Crooked Tree Village

As well as watching birds from a boat, exploring on foot allows visitors to easily spot Belizean wildlife in Crooked Tree. Experienced and knowledgeable local guides with sharp eyes will take you through trails and help you identify birds, animals, and plants. Early morning or evening/night bird walks are recommended for the best experience. Although this is a guided tour, you are still free to explore the wildlife sanctuary on your own.

3. Miss Ava’s Belizean Cooking Class

Crooked Tree Belize Cooking Class

Spend half a day with herbalist and award-winning chef Ava Tillett as you join her in preparing traditional Belizean cuisine in a welcoming village environment. This opportunity allows guests to taste and learn about delicious Belizean meals and also enjoy chatting with a nice Belizean local lady. You can also enjoy exploring her vast and unique yard where sheep, pigs, turkeys, chickens, dogs, cats, etc. are wandering freely. This will make you experience what country life is like in Belize! The meal is included in this experience and recipes are available to take home.

4. The Crooked Tree Museum

The Crooked Tree Museum

Recently opened in June of 2018, the Crooked Tree Museum provides visitors with a chance to learn about in the history of Crooked Tree Village and the rich and colorful history of the entire region. This involves learning about the Pre-Mayan era, the “discovery” and conquest by Spanish explorers, centuries of slavery and British colonization, and what led to Belize’s independence in 1981. See how people came to the region from many parts of the world and in a variety of circumstances, how they blended their cultures together, and how they survived, thrived and emerged as the melting pot that is present-day Belize.

5. Good News Garden Tour

Good News Garden in Crooked Tree Village

Explore a clean and vast garden with explanations of more than 50 species of fruits, flowers, and herbs. Ms. Vange, the garden owner, will share her knowledge of Crooked Tree’s nature and her experiences living in the village. You can also buy homemade products such as jam, dried fruits, and, of course, you can eat them inside her lovely home while chatting. During the cashew and/or mango season, which is usually from mid-April to June, you can enjoy learning and picking those fruits. As you can imagine, the garden is also a good place for birdwatching since it attracts a lot of birds.



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