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Breaking Bad, On A Trip To Belize Invitation
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Although John McAfee’s media attention dominated the beginning of 2013, I won’t include any of those articles in my top Belize blog posts of 2013, haha. But thinking about it, maybe I should, McAfee’s ludicrous behaviour and the international media’s love for him (his actions/ thoughts), brought Belize the most attention it has EVER received. I hope the BTB sent him a thank you Christmas card, because even if the publicity was considered negative, it did more good than bad.

Here are the top posts, in no specific order.

1. Finding Neverland: A story of Belize

Jim and his lovely family spent two weeks in Belize and left enamoured. The food, the water, the people…it all captivated them. I had to move to Toronto to understand how nice the slow-paced life in Belize is. In the US and Canada, life is hectic and people pride themselves in being busy! I tell all my friends, “you need to learn to relax.”

2. Four Preposterous Things About The Belize National Soccer Team, Which Plays The US Tonight

Even though this was written to make fun of Belize’s soccer team, I laughed hard after reading it. And yes, it’s true that some of the players are members of the Dragon Unit aka SWAT team.

3. Sixteen Underwater Photos from the Belize Barrier Reef

This post was done by my friend James from Escaping Abroad. He loves scuba diving and when he was in Southern Belize, he took some wonderful underwater photos of his dives at Glover’s Reef Atoll, South Water Caye, the Silk Cayes and Laughing Bird Caye. I hope he also dove the Blue Hole.

4. What’s the Difference Between an Island and a Caye?

I really enjoyed this article because I always have to keep reminding travelers that due to the fact that Belize has Cayes and not islands, the beaches are different from other Caribbean countries. So don’t be upset you find sea walls!

5. Belize Baby

Amy, a NYC fashion blogger and stylist visits Belize with her family and does one of my favourite adventures. She gets down and dirty, treks through rivers, explores Actun Tunichil Muknal, smokes the local “reefa” and lives to talk/ blog about it. What I liked the most about her experience was when she mentioned that she wasn’t allowed to use electronics and realized that it’s sometimes nice to just enjoy something without trying to get the perfect photo for Instagram. Which reminds me of my Unplug from social media post. P.s. You see, I didn’t only choose her because she’s drop dead gorgeous.

6. Belize’s Most Beautiful Beaches

Belize isn’t known for it’s vast beaches, but it has plenty of nice ones. Lily features her favourite picks which are mostly located in Southern Belize.

7. The story behind

I had the pleasure of interviewing Marty Casado, the owner of, the largest resource for travel information on Belize. I wanted to share his story because he helped promote Belize tourism online at a time when no one knew about the internet and the country is indebted to him.

8. The 2014 Belikin Beer Calendar Unveil, Inside the Brewery & The Launch Party

I might get into trouble for writing this but I can’t help it. Rebecca shared this blog post with lots of photos of the Belikin calendar girls at a luncheon and I couldn’t help but laugh because I finally understood the uproar happening on social media. A few guys were complaining that they “used too much Photoshop” on some of the calendar girls and when they saw them in person, they were disappointed. Haha

9. ‘I’ll Send You to Belize’: Stars of ‘Breaking Bad’ Offered Free Vacations

I’m a big Breaking Bad fan and was watching the episode when Saul Goodman asked Walter White if he has considered sending Hank, his DEA brother-in-law “on a trip to Belize.” I knew it would get crazy on social media and went on Twitter to see the excitement. Thousands of fans spent the rest of the night and week joking about it. I was really impressed by Olson’s strategic move (via @belizevacation) of sending a humorous invitation to the “Breaking Bad” actors asking them to come check out Belize for themselves.

10. Ten facts about the invasive Lionfish in Belize!

Polly Alford, the founder of ReefCI shares a few details about the deadly Lionfish that is breeding at an alarming rate in the waters of Belize. Since it’s an invasive species and has no natural predators, it poses a potential disaster to the health of the reefs and needs to be combated.

I hope you enjoyed reading these ten carefully curated Belize blog posts because choosing them took me some time since it was hard for me to remember all the articles. I’m pretty sure that I’ve skipped a few that I would have preferred to include. Happy reading and cheers to a great 2014.

Did I include your favourite article of 2013? Yes, no? Let me know in the comments below.



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