Altun Ha

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Altun Ha is a Maya Temple near Belize City

Altun Ha – known as “Water of the Rock” in Maya – is located 31 miles from Belize City on the old Northern Highway and it’s one of Belize’s signature Maya sites.

After a few days in Belize, you’re likely to recognize its largest temple, “The Temple of the Masonry Alters”, since it’s featured on Belize’s national beer: Belikin Beer.

Altun Ha tour

Altun Ha famous Maya temple

A tour of Altun Ha can be done either as a guided or non-guided tour. It’s one of the most popular archeological sites in Belize and it’s particularly frequented by cruise tourists since it’s near Belize City’s cruise port terminal.

Despite the Altun Ha’s small size, it was a major ceremonial center during the Classic Period. It was also an important trading center due to its strategic location near the coast.

An unusual characteristic of Altun Ha is that no stela were found. However, during excavation, many valuables were uncovered here, including the largest Maya carved jade object ever discovered, the famous Jade Head, in 1968.