Guide to Tobacco Caye

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Tobacco Caye Dive Site

Tobacco Caye is a tiny island off the coast of Hopkins and Dangriga that is known for its low-key vibe and cool over-water cabins. It is located right next to the South Water Caye Marine Reserve.

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About Tobacco Caye

Turtle Nesting Beach at Tobacco Caye in Belize

About a 30-minute boat ride from Hopkins or Dangriga lies Tobacco Caye, one of the tiniest islands in Belize. On any given day, the island has a population of about just 25 people, plus how many travelers are residing in the handful of island guesthouses at the time.

This island is not for travelers looking for a lively nightlife scene such as San Pedro’s, five-star accommodations, or any scene other than warm waters, palm trees, and star-streaked night skies. It takes just a minute or two to walk across the entire island, and a few minutes more to walk around it.

Things to Do in Tobacco Caye

Sting Rays in Tobacco Caye

Since Tobacco Caye is one of Belize’s most remote cayes, the attractions are limited but amazing. You can enjoy some of the best scuba diving in the world, snorkel right off the shore, dine each day on the catch of the day, and relax in one of the many hammocks under the palms.

Top Things to Do in Tobacco Caye

  • Explore Belize’s Reef via Scuba Diving
  • Experience some of Belize’s best snorkeling, right off shore
  • Get to know the many Island Sting Rays
  • Go slow and enjoy the relaxed Island Life
  • Take a day trip to nearby Glovers Reef

Where to Stay in Tobacco Caye

Tobacco Caye Belize Overwater Bungalows
Tobacco Caye Paradise

Accommodations on Tobacco Caye are limited compared to other cayes but there are a few good options. Gill’s Cove, run by Jerome, the notorious island chef, is a great place to stay if you really want to get to know the island and its people. The “terrace” is the meeting point for locals and tourists alike.

There’s also Tobacco Caye Paradise, which has popular overwater bungalows that are painted in bright Caribbean colors. And if you need a little extra comfort, you can stay at Reef’s End Lodge. The lodge has clean, simple, comfortable rooms with amazing views of the Caribbean. It’s bar acts as the “touristic hub”.

Top Places to Stay in Tobacco Caye

  1. Tobacco Caye Paradise
  2. Reef’s End Lodge
  3. Gill’s Cove

Best Time To Visit Tobacco Caye

The best time to stay in Tobacco Caye is from January to April, which is during Belize’s dry season, and sunny days and clear blue skies can be expected.

If you choose to visit Tobocca Caye after the optimal staying period, it’s best to visit from May to August. Anytime after that, there’s a chance that your vacation can be ruined due to a cold front or tropical storm, which is typical during Belize’s wet season.

Vacationing in Belize during the wet season is fine but since Tobacco Caye is a small island, I advise against staying there. If you get caught out there during a week of rain you’ll likely have to remain indoors for the entire time.

Getting Here & Around

Riverside Cafe aka MS. Dee's Cafe in Dangriga
The pink house is Ms. Dee’s Cafe (photo taken from the bridge)

For anyone that wants to stay in Tobacco Caye, the best way to get there is via a 30-min chartered boat ride from Dangriga. Boats from Dangriga don’t have a set schedule but leave daily between 9am – 12pm from the riverside boat dock near the main bridge in Dangriga. Most people wait at Ms. Dee’s Cafe, formerly known as the Riverside Cafe, while a boat gets the required 4 to 6 passengers. If other passengers don’t show up, the boat will have to be chartered for $80 US total.

On Tobacco Caye, people get around by walking. In fact, it takes just a minute or two to walk across the entire island, and a few minutes more to walk around it. For day trips to Tobacco Caye, you can easily get there from Hopkins.

When leaving Tobacco Caye, boats to Dangriga typically leave in the early afternoon. However, for a large group, arrangements can be made to leave early in the morning. Make sure to check if transportation is included in your reservation, otherwise, transfers are $20 USD one way.