Crooked Tree Village

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Bird Walk at Crooked Tree Village

1. About Crooked Tree

Established around 1750, Crooked Tree Village is considered one of the earliest inland European settlements in Belize. The small Belizean Creole village has approximately 1000 inhabitants and is an inland island surrounded by lagoons and a creek. The village is about an hour away from Belize City.

2. Things to Do in Crooked Tree

Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary in Belize

Due to Crooked Tree’s ecological importance and abundant wildlife, the village is a popular destination for eco-tourists and birders. Some of the best things to do there include learning about the Creole culture, birdwatching, canoeing, and nature walks.

Things to do in Crooked Tree

  1. Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary
  2. Guided birding walks
  3. Belizean cooking classes with Miss Ava
  4. The Crooked Tree Museum
  5. The Good News Garden Tour