Monkey River Village

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Monkey River Village in Southern Belize

Monkey River is a small Creole village in the north of the Toledo District of Belize. It is on the Caribbean Sea on the southern shore of the mouth of the Monkey River. An estimated population of 200 people live there, mostly descendants of Belizean logwood cutters.

Visiting Monkey River

monkey river boat tour

Visiting Monkey River is one of Southern Belize’s most popular tours, often taken by tourists staying in Placencia or Hopkins. The tour involves exploring the Monkey River ecosystem, including the surrounding broadleaf forest, and learning about the history of Monkey River Village.

During the tour, visitors primarily get a chance to get up close to nature and spot countless wildlife such as birds, iguanas, crocodiles, howler monkeys, and sometimes even tapirs. And after cruising through the length of the Monkey River, visitors are treated to an exhilarating tour of Manatee watching near Harvest Caye.