The Natural History Museum at Chaa Creek

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Natural History Museum at Chaa Creek

The Lodge at Chaa Creek’s Natural History Centre is a great place to learn about Belize’s culture and heritage. This small museum is situated within the Chaa Creek Nature Reserve and takes students and visitors along a fascinating journey of Belize.

Chaa Creek’s Natural History Museum

Chaa Creek's Natural History Center

Visitors are able to see Belize through the ages — from Maya temples in the steaming jungle, to modern-day traditional healers.

You can expect an introduction to the history and geography of Belize, guided by visual displays of archaeological artifacts, butterflies, moths, insects, and amphibians that capture the curiosity of young children, students, and scientists alike.

The Centre is surrounded by a large forested area and it provides itself as an educational destination, which when combined with its Maya Medicine Rainforest Trail, offers an excellent fun activity for all.