Best Places to Stay in Toledo

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Southern Belize

Toledo is the southernmost district in Belize and its seclusion means that it is one of the least visited destinations in Belize. For some this may not be optimal since they like to experience the hustle and bustle of popular towns and want to be near popular tours, however, for others, this presents the perfect opportunity for off-the-beaten-path adventures.

Fortunately, for those desiring to visit Toledo, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for seclusion. There are few hotels and resorts that cater to luxury travelers.

Top Hotels and Resorts in Toledo

1. Copal Tree Lodge

Copal Tree Lodge practices agritourism in southern belize

Copal Tree Lodge, formerly Belcampo Belize is an agritourism lodge deep in the jungle of southern Belize. At their onsite organic farm you can find everything that sustains their resort – they grow their own fruits and vegetables and raise livestock for consumption. They are located amid a private nature reserve that is ideal for birding and wildlife spotting. They have easy access to the sea and offer excellent fishing expeditions.

2. Cotton Tree Lodge

Cotton Tree Lodge is a rustic hotel in Southern Belize

Cotton Tree is the perfect escape if you’re seeking rustic luxury and seclusion. They focus on sustainable tourism and the lodge primarily runs on solar power. Here you’ll be able to make your own chocolate, eat homegrown fruits and vegetables and get close to nature by doing eco-jungle activities such as river kayaking and horseback riding.

3. Hickatee Cottages

Hickatee Cottages in Punta Gorda, Toledo

Hickatee Cottages is an award-winning bed & breakfast near Punta Gorda, Toledo. According to the owners, the property is intentionally small, only offering six rooms, ranging from the more affordable Hickatee Den to the nicer Honeymoon Suite. Staying at the Hickatee Cottages is great for anyone that wants jungle seclusion while only being a few miles from the bustling downtown of Punta Gorda.