Belize COVID-19 updates for travelers

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Belize is open for travel during COVID-19

The Belize COVID-19 travel advice and advisory found here — with information on travel restrictions, entry requirements, and public health regulations — is from the Government of Belize. This article was last updated on July 19, 2022.

As of July 12, 2022, Belize has lifted all public health measures at its land and sea entry points. This includes needing proof of a COVID-19 vaccination or negative test result, having to purchase the Belize Travel Health Insurance, wearing masks indoors, and any curfew mandates.

However, tourists are still recommended to stay at certified gold standard hotels or vacation rentals and to purchase the Belize Travel Health Insurance. Some of the information below is now out of date or not mandatory.

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1. Overview
2. Pre-travel
3. Arrival
4. While staying in Belize
5. Departure
6. List of Gold Standard Hotels in Belize

1. Overview

Belize is open for international travel, with overnight tourism allowed throughout the country and cruise lines permitted to enter Belizean waters.

Tourists can enter Belize through the international airport and land borders if they follow government health and safety measures, including staying at certified Gold Standard hotels.

Below is an updated list of travel restrictions and entry requirements for Belize.

  • Proof of full COVID-19 vaccination is accepted for entry to Belize through its international airport or Mexican and Guatemalan land borders
  • Travelers without a vaccination card/ immunization record are asked to provide a COVID-19 test or take a Rapid Test upon entry to Belize (at their own expense)
  • Tourists are recommended to stay at Gold Standard hotels or vacation rentals (airbnb, vrbo, etc)
  • International tourists entering Belize are required to purchase travel health insurance (US-$18)
  • All curfew and mask mandates have been lifted

2. Pre-travel to Belize

  • Book your stay at Gold Standard accommodations in Belize.
  • Anyone who is not fully vaccinated should take a COVID-19 test. A Rapid Antigen Test must be taken within 2 days (48 hours) before arrival in Belize or a PCR Test must be taken within 4 days (96 hours) prior to arrival in Belize. (Exclusion: Children under 5 years are not required to present a negative COVID test)
  • All foreign tourists are required to buy travel health insurance to visit Belize
    • The policy costs US-$18 and covers up to $50,000 in COVID-19-related medical expenses and up to $2,000 for lodging expenses should a traveler need to quarantine in Belize
    • Purchase the insurance online prior to arriving in Belize to avoid long wait times

3. Arrival in Belize

  • Disembark plane and proceed to health screening at the Belize international airport.
  • Show proof of full COVID-19 vaccination (vaccine record card or immunization record)
  • Unvaccinated travelers must provide Rapid Antigen, Sophia, SD Biosensor, ABBOT (Panbio) tests taken within 48 hours of arrival in Belize or PCR test taken within 96 hours of arrival in Belize
    • Passengers with a negative result can proceed to immigration and customs check
    • Children under the age of 5 are not required to present a negative COVID test
  • Passengers may also take a COVID-19 test at the airport for US-$50.00
    • Passengers that test positive for COVID-19 will be placed in quarantine at their expense
    • Passengers that test negative for COVID-19 can proceed to immigration and customs
  • Immigration and Customs check
    • Passport check will be done by an immigration officer. Travel Health Insurance receipt will be requested for international tourists
    • Guest goes to baggage claim and proceeds to customs
    • Guest proceeds to domestic flight or ground transportation

4. While staying in Belize

  • No Symptoms while in Belize
    • Arrive at your hotel and continue your vacation until departure
    • Visiting tourist attractions in Belize
      • Tourists can move about freely, however, it is recommended that you use gold standard tour operators and guides.
    • Day trips from Belize to Guatemala or Mexico are allowed as of Feb 7, 2022.
    • Restaurants and bars can serve people at 75% capacity, granted that guests are fully vaccinated.
  • Symptoms while in Belize
    • Ministry of Health conducts testing
    • If positive, guest will be put in quarantine and will depart Belize upon health clearance
    • If negative, guest can continue their vacation

5. Depart Belize

  • Leave Belize by air or land
    • Travelers can leave Belize via the Philip Goldson International Airport or various land borders
    • To depart Belize, some countries require individuals to test negative for COVID-19
  • Travelers that need to get tested for COVID-19 before departure
    • Can get tested at any of the various COVID-19 testing sites across Belize.
    • Or test at the Philip Goldson International Airport. The cost of the Rapid Antigen test is US-$75 and the PCR test is US-$150. The results of the Rapid test are ready within 15-30 minutes and the PCR test takes 30-45 minutes.
    • The test result must be negative to board your plane. Keep a copy of your test results with you.

6. Gold Standard Hotels in Belize

Gold Standard Hotel Seal

International tourists are recommended to stay at Gold Standard hotels or vacation rentals in Belize. The Gold Standard program focuses on enhancing cleaning practices, social interactions, workplace policies, and standard operating procedures across the tourism industry.

Below is my list of the top Belize Gold Standard hotels based on the most popular destinations.

Gold Standard hotels in Ambergris Caye

Some of the nicest beach resorts are in Ambergris Caye. Located near many top Belize Barrier Reef attractions, this island is a popular place for people seeking diving, snorkeling, and fishing tours while enjoying the lively beach town of San Pedro, which is the most visited destination in Belize.

  1. Ramon’s Village
  2. Pelican Reef Villas
  3. Victoria House
  4. Matachica Resort
  5. PUR Boutique Cabanas

Gold Standard hotels in Caye Caulker

Caye Caulker is Ambergris Caye’s smaller sister island and a popular stop for travelers looking to relax and enjoy a “go slow” Caribbean vibe. The tours and activities are similar to those at Ambergris Caye but hotel accommodations are more modest since the island attracts individuals seeking an affordable beach vacation.

  1. Colinda’s Cabanas
  2. Weezie’s Ocean Front Cottages
  3. We’Yu Boutique Hotel
  4. Rainbow Hotel
  5. Bella’s Backpackers

Gold Standard hotels in Cayo

The Cayo District serves as the main destination for eco-adventures in Belize. Its main hub, San Ignacio is popular with tourists since it provides easy access to many top jungle attractions while having a restaurant and nightlife scene that is not seen elsewhere on Belize’s mainland. Many of Belize’s top jungle resorts are in Cayo.

  1. The Lodge at Chaa Creek
  2. Blancaneaux Lodge
  3. Ka’ana Resort
  4. San Ignacio Hotel
  5. Cahal Pech Village

Gold Standard hotels in Hopkins

Many top boutique hotels call Hopkins home. The seaside village is a cultural hotspot for learning about the Garifuna culture of Belize, which includes fun activities such as taking drumming, dancing and cooking lessons. Other top activities include snorkeling, diving, and exploring the nearby Wildlife Sanctuary and Jaguar Preserve.

  1. Hamanasi Resort
  2. Coconut Row
  3. Jaguar Reef
  4. Buttonwood Guest House
  5. White Horse Guesthouse

Gold Standard hotels in Placencia

Known for luxury beach resorts and world-class restaurants, Placencia is a charming coastal village located on an 18-mile peninsula in Stann Creek District. With beautiful beaches and its close proximity to many of the top jungle attractions in southern Belize, the village is one of the most visited hotspots in Belize.

  1. Chabil Mar Villas
  2. Turtle Inn
  3. Robert’s Grove
  4. Belizean Nirvana
  5. Miramar Suites


What are the updated entry requirements for Belize

As of July 12, 2022, Belize has removed all public health measures at its points of entry (land and sea). Travelers do not need a vaccination card/ immunization record or need to provide a COVID-19 test. Masks, curfew, and mandatory health insurance rules have also been lifted.

Can I get tested for COVID-19 in Belize and what is the cost?

There are COVID-19 testing sites across Belize. The cheapest place to do the tests is at the Philip Goldson International Airport. The Rapid Test takes 15 minutes and costs US-$75, while the PCR takes 30-45 minutes and costs US-$150.

What is a Gold Standard hotel in Belize?

A Belize Gold Standard hotel is a property that has passed a rigorous 9-point checklist by the Belize Tourism Board that tests for enhanced cleaning practices, social interactions, workplace policies, and standard operating procedures in the tourism industry.

This involves: (1) Appointing a “Gold Standard Program Manager” (Program Manager) to implement protocols and ensure compliance; (2) Implementing Monitoring & Reporting – to conduct non-invasive temperature checks and utilize the Tourism Health Information System; (3) Ensuring Social Distancing Protocols for workers and visitors; (4) Implementing Enhanced Cleaning & Sanitization Procedures – to increase disinfection of common areas, face masks, and personal protective equipment (PPE) for workers, visitors, and guests; (5) Developing a Response Plan – to manage Covid-19 suspect cases; (6) Ensuring Clear & Consistent Communication – with employees and guests relating to COVID-19 protocols and their impact; (7) Installing Sanitization Stations – to ensure sufficient access to sanitization across the property; (8) Deploying Technology – for transactions, check-in/out, online ordering, ticketing, etc. to reduce physical interactions; and (9) Implementing a Training Plan – to ensure workers are prepared to manage and implement the new protocols based on their role.