My Belize travel bucket list

We all have bucket list ideas about things to do and places to see before you die. If visiting Belize is one of them, I’d like to share the activities that are high on my list and I’d love to hear about yours. My list slightly changes as time passes since I add or remove some stuff.

I first started making a checklist after I realized that even though Belize is small, there’s so much to explore. I knew that by jotting down these experiences and making it important to me, I would be able to push myself to accomplish them. And let’s face it, it feels amazing to accomplish things, especially things that you wouldn’t ordinarily do!

1. Skydive the Blue Hole (x)

Amazing but expensive to do. I also don’t even think it’s done anymore since the skydivers who did it transferred the event to Nicaragua.

2. Garifuna Settlement Day in Hopkins (√)

Since I have family in Hopkins I would always go but never had I been for Garifuna Settlement Day. One year my dad and I took a trip during the holiday and it was such a great experience. I saw the reenactment, ate tons of Hudut, and danced and partied all night. The highlight of my trip was going to an Aurelio Martinez concert – that guy is awesome.

3. Full moon party in Caye Caulker (√)

Everyone knows Caye Caulker is amazing, now think full moon party at Caye Caulker. After spending the day at The Split, you’re transported via a small boat to the less inhabited part of the island. There you can enjoy live music, cool DJs, fire dancers and the company of laid back people dancing the night away on the beach.

tourist having fun in caye caulker

4. Swim with whale sharks (x)

Swimming with the largest fish in the sea would be a dream come true. They seem amazing and I can’t imagine how cool it would be to be next to one.

5. Dive the Great Blue Hole (x)

It’s on every diver’s bucket list!

Blue Hole Belize

6. The Costa Maya Festival (√)

I was in high school when I first when to San Pedro. As the boat arrived to the island, I was mesmerized by the views and was surprised to see so many tourist since my hometown of San Ignacio was yet developing as a tourist destination. The festival was so lively and I saw people from everywhere. That was one of the best summers of my life.

7. Island Hopping on a Kayak (√)

Tons of tiny Cayes dot Belize’s coast…imagine kayaking from one to the next and repeat. Well, I recently did this and it was amazing!

kayaking near placencia

8. Maya living experience (√)

I used to work for the Belize Rural Development Programme and I was occasionally tasked with visiting far away villages. I once got the opportunity to visit San Antonio village in Toledo and was fortunate to be hosted by a Mayan family for a couple nights. Their humble way of life was refreshing.

9. Be alone at a Maya ruin (√)

Once a month on Sunday’s I’d take a trip to Xunantunich or Cahal Pech just to relax and enjoy the jungle surroundings. On a late spring morning after completing the hike to the top of El Castillo, I realized that I was alone at Xunantinich. I sat down at the edge of the temple and took in the moment.

Maya stucco frieze Xunanunich

10. Spend the day at the Tourist Village in Belize City (x)

This doesn’t excite me, I’m interested in going there to satisfy my curiosity since Belizeans are banned. I know I can visit since I have friends who have access but I haven’t really made the effort.

11. Explore remote jungle areas (√)

I used to volunteer with Trek Force and helped establish the Elijio Panti National Park. We built a visitor centre, made hiking trails and dug a long-drop. At night I would sleep in a soldier jungle hammock and I could hear wildlife running underneath me. Getting there used to be insane but the roads are better now.


12. Actun Tunichil Muknal (√)

The ATM Cave is one of the most unbelievably amazing caves in Belize. If the cave formations in itself don’t amaze you, the Maya relics and sacrificial remains surely will.

skeleton in belize's atm cave

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  1. Henry February 19, 2015 at 9:44 AM #

    This is a beautiful country, I loved my family vacation!

  2. Maria February 22, 2015 at 10:17 PM #

    I am wondering what are the best hotels/restaurants in belize, because I am doing a project researching this country, involving the best places to visit. This has been helpful, although maybe you could suggest some nice places to eat?