The Best Food Spots in San Ignacio

Downtown San Ignacio, Cayo
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San Ignacio is the ideal place to go if you are seeking a distinct Belize adventure. This quaint town in western Belize acts as a hub for travelers that are interested in ecotourism, with easy access to top jungle expeditions and ancient Maya sites.

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Something else that makes San Ignacio unique is that it serves as a cultural-economic hub for the Cayo District and western Belize. Locals from all over visit for work, shopping, and entertainment–leading to the clustering of many local businesses, including a fantastic restaurant and bar scene.

With that said, follow this guide if you want to visit the top 10 food spots in San Ignacio:

10 Best Restaurants in San Ignacio, Cayo

1. Guava Limb

Guava Limb Restaurant in San Ignacio, Cayo

No longer the new restaurant on the block, Guava Limb continues to lead the food scene in San Ignacio. It is located downtown at the end of Burns Avenue in a British-colonial style house that has been converted into a cool space. Guava Limb is known for trying innovative recipes that are made entirely from local organic products and it seems to be working for them since they are recognized internationally as one of the best restaurants in Belize. Their produce is sourced from a Maya organic farm that is located within the Chaa Creek Nature Reserve

2. Ko-Ox Han-Nah

Ko-Ox Han-Nah Restaurant in San Ignacio, Belize

My first recollection of Ko-Ox Han-Nah is passing near the restaurant as a child and curiously looking at all the ‘Gringos’ eating as my stomach growled from the smell of the tantalizing food. At that time the restaurant was known as Hannah’s and it was a popular spot in San Ignacio, but since my parents never ate out, I couldn’t wait to grow up and visit! I grew up and I finally went there for dinner and it was as good as I imagined it would be. To this day it remains one of the best restaurants in Cayo.

3. The Burnz

The Burnz Restaurant and Bar in Downtown San Ignacio

Popular with tourists and locals, The Burnz is perhaps the coolest place to hang out in San Ignacio. It is centrally located on Burns Avenue, which is the main downtown street in San Ignacio where many local shops, restaurants, bars, and tour operators are found. Their restaurant and bar food menu is fantastic with easy bites such as burgers, fajitas, and quesadillas, but most people visit for the fun atmosphere and great cold drinks.

4. Tolacca Smoke House

Tolacca Smokehouse in Santa Elena Cayo

Located in Santa Elena, which is San Ignacio’s twin town, Tolacca Smokehouse is well worth the trip. Phillip, the Belizean-Canadian chef-owner is my friend and worked in Canada for several years before returning to Belize to open a BBQ restaurant. While he was in Canada he perfected the art of summer barbecues and boy-oh-boy is he good at grilling. For the best ribs in Belize, visit Tolacca (on Cristo Rey Road after the Ministry of Works building) and tell him I sent you!

5. Cenaida’s Belizean Food

Cenaida's Belizean Food in San Ignacio, Belize

When I worked in downtown San Ignacio I ate rice and beans for lunch at Cenaida’s Belizean Food almost every day. The food is affordable and tasty and they offer large portions! This spot has a very “homey” vibe; Mrs. Cenaida and her daughter are very friendly and happily converse with you whenever possible. But to me what sticks out the most about this place is that it reminds me of my mom’s cooking, and thus why I recommend this place.

6. Erva’s Restaurant

Ervas Restaurant in San Ignacio, Belize

I love that Erva’s has an open kitchen design and you can see your meal being cooked from scratch! Since this is my hometown I might be a little biased but I believe that Erva’s has the best rice and beans in Belize. My favourite thing to order is rice and beans with fried fish (red snapper) and chunky garden salad. The meal itself isn’t anything fancy but with every bite, you can taste how fresh all the ingredients are and that ultimately pleases me in ways I can’t describe.

7. Lola’s Munchies & Booze

Lola's Munchies and Booze in San Ignacio, Cayo

A relatively new place, Lola’s is a restaurant and bar that is located in the Cahal Pech hill area of San Ignacio. It is a popular spot for locals on the weekends (which starts on Thursday…lol) and tourists often drop by after their visit to the nearby Cahal Pech Maya site or if they are staying at any of the surrounding resorts. Fun fact, I went to high school with Angela, the owner of the restaurant, so say hi to her if you visit!

8. D’ Vine Cravings

D' Vine Cravings Cevicheria in San Ignacio, Cayo

D’ Vine Cravings is a small family-run Cevicheria that is extremely popular with locals. It is located just off Bullet Tree Road on Flamingo Drive in San Ignacio. Although this seafood restaurant is two hours by car from the coast, it is known for having some of the best ceviches in Belize. Their menu includes Shrimp, Conch, Octopus, and Lobster ceviche, but of course, some are only available when the shellfish is in season!

9. Pop’s Restaurant

Pop's Restaurant in San Ignacio

Pop’s is like an American diner in Belize. This all-day breakfast cafe has been serving American classics such as eggs and toast, pancakes, and waffles for decades. However, the truly best breakfast experience comes from trying Belizean favourites such as fry jacks, refried beans, and eggs with Chaya (which is Mayan spinach). If you go on the weekends you will run into local families that have been going to this restaurant for years.

10. Restaurante Tipico Salvadoreno

Restaurante Tipico Salvadoreno in Santa Elena, Cayo

This is another restaurant that is not in downtown San Ignacio but it’s well worth the trip to Santa Elena. In fact, it is just a few minutes away from Tolacca Smokehouse, so maybe you can try both at the same time! Haha. Restaurante Tipico Salvadoreno specializes in Salvadorean food and does an excellent job at that. Their pupusas, burritos, and salbutes are amazing and their fruit and milkshake drinks are beyond superb.

Bonus: Sweet Ting

Sweet Ting in San Ignacio, Cayo

Located on Benque Viejo Road as you make your way up the hill from downtown San Ignacio, Sweet Ting is exactly what the name suggests: a dessert shop that specializes in pastries and sweets. It perhaps has the widest variety of homemade desserts in San Ignacio or even all of Cayo. If the sweets don’t call your attention, the smell of freshly brewed quality coffee will lure you from afar.

Map of Top Restaurants in San Ignacio

The San Igancio restaurants listed on the map below are ranked based on personal preference. I have visited all of these restaurants and tried several of the food items on their menu.

This post is a part of my how to eat like a local in Belize guides. It includes a list of the best restaurants from the most popular destinations in Belize. See my other guides below:

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  1. Deb Wayland-Smith Garlock says

    Hoping for some help….we are flying into the San Ignacio Airstrip and are hoping to grab a bite to eat for lunch before our shuttle picks us up and take us to our hotel. Any recommendations for something quick, within walking distance to the airstrip, and authenically Belizian?

  2. camille says

    You forgot Martha’s guest house and kitchen! Wholesome and organic and all hormone free meat!