The Best Food Spots in Placencia

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The 16-mile-long Placencia Peninsula isn’t only known for its beautiful beaches and exclusive resorts, it’s one of the few places in Belize that has a thriving food scene, with restaurants that pair fine dining and hearty meals surprisingly well.

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One day you can be having a luxurious dinner at an upscale restaurant and the next day you can be sitting under a shack on the beach and have the best breakfast you’ve ever had. You can equally enjoy either food experience and feel like a winner. Below are some of Placencia’s best restaurants:

10 Best Restaurants in Placencia

1. Maya Beach Hotel Bistro

Maya Beach Hotel Bistro in Placencia, Belize

Maya Beach is about eight miles away from Placencia village but it’s worth the trip! My friend and famous blogger Kirsten Alana couldn’t get enough of this place during her Belize vacation. She kept raving about the way they mixed local ingredients and made world-class food. It sounds like we have a Michelin star restaurant in Maya Beach.

2. Rumfish y Vino

Rumfish y Vino in Placencia, Belize

Possibly the most famous restaurant in Placencia, Rumfish y Vino takes advantage of fresh Belizean ingredients to make extraordinary fusion dishes. If you’re lucky when you visit you can spot celebrities such as Reese Witherspoon who constantly ate there a few years ago during her honeymoon in Belize.

3. Rick’s Cafe

Ricks Cafe in Placencia, Belize

Located in downtown Placencia above Tutti Frutti Gelateria, Rick’s Cafe is more of a classy restaurant than a cafe. They have a ton of food options on their menu, including many kinds of delicious salads, sandwiches, pasta and pizza. It’s also a great spot to go for drinks, with several drink options, including fancy cocktails!

4. The Galley Restaurant & Bar

The Galley Restaurant and Bar in Placencia, Belize

Offering traditional Belizean home-cooked meals with an emphasis on creating memorable flavours, the Galley is an unassuming small local restaurant located behind the Placencia Village Sports Field. Stop by for delicious seafood dishes that taste super fresh and don’t forget to request the homemade hot sauces.

5. The Secret Garden

The Secret Garden Restaurant and Bar in downtown Placencia

The Secret Garden restaurant is loved for its laid-back Bohemian coffeehouse vibe and the eclectic way Belizean and international food are paired. The once-relatively-unknown restaurant is tucked away in the middle of Placencia but it’s fair to say that it is now a popular destination. This is thanks to online reviewers who constantly praise the restaurant as one of their favourite food experiences in Placencia.

6. Above Grounds Coffee House

Above Grounds Coffee House in Placencia, Belize

Offering freshly-brewed coffee and other hot and cold drinks, Above Grounds is a wonderful little coffee shop overlooking the Main Street near the southern tip of Placencia. It is a great spot for an easy breakfast of homemade baked goods that are fresh and flavorful. If you prefer a more “upscale” experience, visit the nearby Brewed Awakenings instead.

7. Barefoot Beach Bar

Barefoot Beach Bar in Placencia, Belize

Located on the beach in downtown Placencia, Barefoot Beach Bar is a great casual spot for food and drinks. Primarily visited by beach-goers seeking a lively place for drinks and live music, it is also known for good pub food options, including kid-friendly items. Alternatively, visit its neighbour: Tipsy Tuna Sports Bar, which offers a similar vibe.

8. De Tatch Restaurant

De Tatch Seafood Grill, Restaurant & Bar in Placencia, Belize

De Tatch Seafood Restaurant and Bar is owned by Seaspray Hotel, one of the original hotels in Placencia. Visiting this beachside restaurant is a treat since it has perfected the cooking of Belizean seafood, however, what really sets them apart is their ambiance–there’s nothing better than enjoying a good meal under a thatched cabana on the beach.

9. Yoli’s Over Da Water Bar & Grill

Yoli's Over Water Bar & Grill in Placencia, Belize

This is one of those places that both locals and tourists love because it’s cozy and perfect to have authentic Belizean dishes. I remember spending a lot of time here when I once visited Placencia for a family trip and I loved it a lot. On Sundays, they usually do a big BBQ that lures people from all over the peninsula.

10. Muna Rooftop Restaurant & Bar

Muna Rooftop Restaurant and Bar in Placencia, Belize

Located off the Placencia Sidewalk on The Ellysian Boutique Hotel property, Muna is the only rooftop restaurant and bar on the entire Placencia Peninsula. The restaurant offers an upscale dining experience along with incredible views of the Caribbean Sea, the lagoon, and the Maya Mountains in the distance.

Bonus: Tutti Frutti Gelateria

Tutti Frutti Gelateria in Placencia Belize

Owned by two Italian expats, Tutti Frutti is the perfect place to go for dessert. Thanks to the use of the freshest local ingredients, they serve the best gourmet ice cream and gelato in Belize. Folks keep asking me if it’s true that it’s also the best gelato in the world? To this, I plead the fifth.

Map of Top Restaurants in Placencia

The Placencia restaurants listed on the map below are ranked based on personal preference. I have visited most of these food spots and tried several of their items.

This post is a part of my how to eat like a local in Belize guides. It includes a list of the best restaurants from the most popular destinations in Belize. See my other guides below:



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