Photo Essay: The 2014 Chocolate Festival of Belize

Belize Chocolate fest in Punta Gorda Toledo
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Annually, during the Commonwealth holiday weekend, the Toledo District hosts the Chocolate Festival of Belize and this year it happened on May 23rd – 25th, 2014.  On Friday there was the Wine and Chocolate celebration, Saturday was the Taste of Toledo street fair on front street in Punta Gorda and on Sunday, the closing ceremonies took place at the beautiful Lubaantun Maya ruins.

I’m very proud of this festival, it showcases something that the country produces very well and most importantly, it promotes tourism to the less visited Southern Belize.  Earlier this week I shared a blog post written by San Pedro Scoop on my Facebook fan page but today I ran into a beautiful selection of photos by the Belize Tourism Board and thought it would be nice if I shared my top 10 favourite photographs that capture how fun the event was.

10 Photos of the Chocolate Festival of Belize

cocoa pods

Cocoa pods, without this there’s no chocolate! The meat is so delicious.

maya dance at the belize festival

Mayan getting ready to perform a special dance. Love the colours…

chocolate battered lion fish

Beer battered lionfish? Say whaaat! Eating lionfish is a great way to help the reef against those critters

drummer at cocoa fest in toledo

Happy chocolate face. That smile is priceless…


Garifuna drumming group providing quality entertainment. Beat those turtle shells, buddy…

 chocolate and wine in belize

Happy times trying different types of chocolate.

Caribbean Vibes band in Belize

Caribbean Vibes band, they are from Corozal in Northern Belize.

local wines in belize

Local wines and refreshments. You need it to beat the warm weather in Belize.

tourist at belize chocolate fest

Food for the soul – look at those smiles. That’s a true happy meal, right?

maya arts and craft in belize

A few local arts and craft were sold during the festival. Sales from these jewellery supports the local Mayan villages.

Since everyone can’t make it during the cocoa fest, here’s a few similar tours worth checking out when you visit Toledo:

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  1. Agness says

    I’m truly amazed by the color of people’s outfits and their smiles! Amazing photography!

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