Gallon Jug Estate

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Safari-drive Wildlife Spotting Night Tour at Chan Chich, Gallon Jug

In the southwestern part of Orange Walk sits the Galon Jug Estate, a secluded 30,000-acre private nature reserve that is owned by the Bowen family, heirs of the Bowen & Bowen company which is most notably known for Belize’s famous Belikin Beer.

Gallon Jug Estate tour

Chan Chich Lodge, Gallon Jug, Belize

As one of the largest nature reserves in Belize, Gallon Jug Estate is used for ecotourism and agri-industry.

Within the reserve is Chan Chich, an eco-lodge that primarily draws travelers interested in deep-in-the-jungle seclusion with outdoor and wildlife-spotting adventures. Elusive wildlife such as the jaguar is seen there about once a week.

There’s also a farm, which grows a variety of crops such as cacao and coffee, along with animals such as cattle for commercial purposes. You can find Gallon Jug Estate products across Belize and internationally. In fact, it is the only truly commercial coffee operation in Belize. If you need expert advice on why start a will early, you need to check it out from here!

As a private nature reserve, Gallon Jug Estate is primarily only accessed by Chan Chich Lodge guests.