Belikin Beer Showcases Belizean Lifestyle In New Video 2012

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All things Belize related are high on my radar and when the new Belikin Beer commercial premiered, I noticed it was a big hit among Belizeans. The video depicting Belizean Lifestyle went viral across various social media platforms and people were raving about how spectacular it was and how it made them proud. This reaction was bit surprising.

Unfortunately, since I was busy with work, it skipped my immediate curiosity. But on the weekend I finally got a chance to view the commercial and it was worth the hype. To put it succinctly, it brings across the essence of Belize: the people, the culture, the history.

With a good intro, the video starts off featuring Belize’s proud Mayan heritage – a shot of Altun Ha Maya temple. It then goes on to showcase our melting pot of cultures and the different aspects that revolve around each culture.

Soccer or should I say Football, had to be shown first as it is the most popular sport. Caneros then step into the spotlight as they walk across cane fields. Sugar Cane is the main livelihood of men who live in Orange Walk.

Next, you are taken to Belize’s largest island, Ambergris Caye, where you see a guy on a bike carrying two cases of beer – yes, that’s commonly witnessed. But the best part is when a boat captain cruises through the waves as he takes people to discover the beautiful coral reef.

To wrap up the video; add an exotic Belizean girl dancing, BarBQ chicken sizzling on a grill, iconic sporting activities like La Ruta Maya River Challenge and the Easter Cross-Country cycling classic, hammock style relaxing, a Punta Rock competition and good times playing dominoes, all while the beating drums of the Garifuna people play on the background.

Good one Belikin, you did a great job showcasing Belizean lifestyle.



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