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The beautiful Garifuna village of Hopkins lies along the coast of the Stann Creek District, just south of Dangriga Town.

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Alive with hospitality and cultural pride, Hopkins boasts the Caribbean Sea to the east, with thick sugar brown sand as far as the eye can see. Its inland is surrounded by the Maya Mountains and Cockscomb Basin, offering a ‘best of both worlds’ geography. It’s no wonder it has quickly grown into a tourism hotspot for adventure and relaxation. And for food lovers seeking a culinary destination, Hopkins has some of the best local restaurants in Belize!

The Best Restaurants in Hopkins

Local restaurant in Hopkins Village

The beauty of Hopkins’ food scene is the variety of mom-and-pop restaurants co-mingling with a touch of gourmet. From breakfast through dinner and perhaps a late-night snack beachside, Hopkins offers taste and culture on every plate. Using our guide, eat your way through some of the best restaurants in Hopkins – and yes, we recommend you taste the Hudut all along the way!

Ella’s Cool Spot

This aptly titled eatery is a cool spot just a few yards away from the beach, with shady spots outdoors where you can dig into a hearty plate of coconut rice and beans and whole fried fish or the classic stewed chicken. 

The freshest of seafoods taste so much better with an ice cold Belikin and your toes in the sand as the Caribbean breeze blows. Chow down on some authentic Hudut, the classic Garifuna dish involving coconut milk broth infused with a variety of local ingredients, served with mashed plantains (fufu) and fried fish (snapper).

Tina’s Kitchen

The wonder of Belize is that there is no ‘fast food’ vibe. Your meals will always come with that just-cooked touch. It evokes the sense of Mom or Grandma by the stove, stirring and dishing out delicious local plates filled with hearty curries and fresh seafood.

Born and raised in Hopkins, Tina serves up daily specials in her kitchen, starting with traditional Belizean breakfasts, followed by loaded lunch and dinner platters that feature traditional Garifuna cooking as well as Belizean varieties. Through her experience of working at various resorts, Tina has put together a menu that is varied and flavorful. You can also enjoy live drumming on Fridays with your meal – call ahead to confirm if the music is lined up. 

Singanga Restaurant at Hamanasi Resort

If you’re looking for a romantic dinner setting, Hamanasi’s Singanga Restaurant can fit the bill. Singanga offers a delightful fusion of Belizean, Caribbean and International cuisine. And with Eliza Carr, the 2018 Taste of Belize Master Chef, in the kitchen, you know you’re in for a treat! (fun fact: Singanga = Dragonfly in Garifuna.)

For dinner, start off with a fresh vegetable salad or homemade soup, a few tasty appetizers, and of course, something gourmet featuring fresh seafood or free-range chicken, steak or even pork. Enjoy some wine at your candlelit table as you take in the romance of the evening. Don’t forget to make room for at least one of their scrumptious desserts! 

Innie’s Restaurant

On my first visit to Hopkins, there was no end to the recommendations to go to Innie’s Restaurant. When you just want comfort and home-cooked meals, Innie’s hits the spot. A fluffy omelette with fry jacks, or a tasty breakfast burrito will set you up for a great day as you explore the Cockscomb Basin nearby, or head out for a full day at sea. 

Dinner can be as basic (but tasty) as a fried fish burger with fries, or a hearty Garifuna hudut. We are talking a lot about Hudut, but honestly, when you’re in Hudut country, why not do a taste test? There is nothing quite like ending your day with a solid meal to drift off for the night, and Innie’s does the trick. 

Chef Rob’s Gourmet Café

Chef Rob’s Gourmet Café is a great place to go for an unexpected fine-dining experience in Hopkins. With an ever-changing menu, Chef Rob takes on the produce of the day, churning out fabulous multicultural dishes for a four-course experience. 

On any given day, you will find Maya, Garifuna and Asian cuisine, artfully crafted by one of Belize’s top chefs. Who knew you could start your day with fry jacks and finish off with a Thai-style pork, Tom Kha Gai, homemade ice cream, charcuterie platters, and so much more?! Tables do fill up quickly, so reservations are recommended. They will cater to menu restrictions within reason as well.

Driftwood Beach Bar & Pizza Shack

Some days, you just need a crispy, ooey-gooey cheesy pizza, and what better way to enjoy one than on the beach in the tropics?! Located Northside of Hopkins, Driftwood Beach Bar is a great watering hole, complete with beach games that you can enjoy while your pizza crisps up. 

Beyond the delicious pizzas, there’s burgers, wings, daily specials, and more, accompanied by Garifuna drumming under the thatched roof shack. Locals and visitors agree, Driftwood is one of the most fun spots in the village, and you must drop by at least once during your eating tour of Hopkins.



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