Belize Wedding Advice: 10 reasons to get married in Belize

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Destination weddings are so common nowadays that they are taking place all over the world, and having your wedding in Belize is no different than many of the other popular Caribbean wedding locales.

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Belize will even exceed your expectations when compared to other Caribbean countries since it boasts the world’s second-largest barrier reef, the famous Great Blue Hole, exotic Maya temples, and many top beach and jungle locations.

1. Getting to Belize is easy

entry and departure requirements for belize

Eloping usually happens in easily accessible countries and Belize is one of them. Belize is only a two-to-three-hour direct flight from several cities across the USA and most of the main airlines have flights to Belize. You can even fly in from Cancun, Mexico.

2. Belize’s small size means moving around is easy

Flying over the Belize Blue Hole

Once you arrive, you can easily hop on a van or small plane that can take you to various destinations in Belize within a few minutes or hours. And if you make travel arrangements with your resort, they will be waiting for you at the airport to pamper you with their warm hospitality. So don’t worry, relax and let loose!

3. Everyone’s friendly and inviting

Belize Food Tours in San Pedro

Belize was recently named one of the friendliest places in the world. Therefore, I recommend that you feel safe to walk around and ask locals for directions or recommendations since they will greet you with a warm smile and point you in the right way.

4. Perfect beach wedding destinations

There is something magical about having your destination wedding on the beach, and in Belize, Ambergris Caye is where most beach weddings take place. Ambergris Caye is also only a short distance away from the barrier reef where you can also get married aboard a catamaran or sailing boat.

Other small islands where people can get married include Caye Caulker, St. Georges Caye, Turneffe Island, South Water Caye, and even the secluded Glover’s Reef.

Placencia and Hopkins are also other great beach locations to host your wedding in Belize. Both locations are in the southern part of the country.

5. Exotic jungle wedding options

Belize Wedding at Mountain Pine Ridge

Start your new life with that special someone by getting close to nature. Belize’s pristine jungles and rainforests are astonishingly beautiful and full of life. You can choose to get married near a meandering river with a waterfall as your backdrop or under a moonlit Caribbean sky serenaded by creatures of the wild.

6. Mayan Ruin Weddings

With Belize being the center of the Maya civilization, in 2012 we saw an increase in weddings at Mayan temples. Actually, Belize is one of the few countries that allow people to get married at Maya sites so make sure you take advantage of this. The sites are easily accessible from anywhere in Belize including from the islands. In fact, I’ve done Maya Wedding packages for several couples staying in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye. We either fly to the mainland for a day where couples get married at the Mayan site, or I’m invited to travel to inland resorts such as The Lodge at Chaa Creek or Hamanasi Adventure and Dive Resort.

7. Have an extravagant wedding or budget wedding

Whether you are eloping on a budget or having a full-blown luxury Belizean wedding with friends, family, and the whole nine yards, Belize can accommodate it. Belize offers world-class service no matter how intimate or grand your wedding is. Just do some research and you can have your perfect wedding regardless of what your budget is.

8. Belize’s beauty compliments your wedding

Sunset Sailing Belize Wedding

Whenever you are choosing your destination wedding locale, you are obviously looking for a beautiful place and Belize has the kind of natural beauty that will complement any taste, whether it is at the beach or jungle.

9. Your wedding is legal

belize destination wedding. trash the dress

Wondering if getting married in Belize is legal? Worry not; your wedding will be official everywhere in the world. The requirements are that you are in Belize for at least three days prior to tying the knot and that you two witnesses. You can usually ask your wedding coordinator, a friend that you have met while on your stay or even your photographer to sign as a witness. Yes, I have signed as a witness for many couples.

10. A destination honeymoon follows

Massage on the beach in Belize

You just got married in beautiful Belize, what’s next? It’s time for an exotic honeymoon! Belize is the perfect place for a destination honeymoon; you can do it all or do nothing at all. For relaxation, choose to spend your days sunbathing on white sandy beaches, have long Spa days and go on sunset sailing trips. For adventure, go on fishing expeditions, snorkel or dive amazing sites and go on eco jungle adventures such as birdingcaving, and trekking Maya ruins.

So there you have it, ten absolutely great reasons why you should choose to have a wedding in Belize. And if you’re interested in having a Belize wedding, I would be more than happy to travel to any corner of the country to capture your wonderful memories.



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  1. Car Geek says

    I was recently married in Belize in the town of Hopkins. Very authentic town and people. WARNING – I ordered flowers from Suprem Creations / Astar Florals and they were a COMPLETE disaster. Wrong flowers, wrong colors, poor quality, poorly put together. I recommend working with anyone but Suprem Creations / Astar Florals.

  2. Partha Mandal says

    Wonderful photography Jose. Would you like to visit India for your professional work?

  3. Agness says

    I’m truly amazed by the scenery and I like the fact locals are friendly :-). I’m still single but one day who knows I might be standing there saying “Yes, I do!”

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