Investing In Belize Is A Sure Bet

Retirement home being built in San Ignacio, Cayo
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Whether you’re looking to open an international business venture, relocate to a tropical country, or retire in paradise, Belize makes for a great investment. Major advantages include the official language being English, a stable government, easy access to North America, a booming tourism industry, and a good and stable economy.

Here are some possible investment opportunities in Belize:

1. A Vacation Home

Belize is an ideal place to run away from it all. When most people think about taking a vacation they think about traveling to paradise, and that’s just what Belize is. With our lush rainforest, legendary Maya temples, pristine beaches, rich marine life, many islands and atolls, diverse cultures, and lots of fresh air, Belize has it all.

Due to the recent demand for vacation homes, real estate quality has significantly increased in the past years. The cost of real estate is reasonable enough that one can enjoy the luxuries you’re used to at home, with paradise on their doorstep. There are various types of homes that can be purchased to use as your home away from home depending on what’s your cup of tea (or coffee), and of course, with the diverse terrain, you have various locations to choose from.

2. A Retirement Property

Retiring in Belize is a good way to make the best of your golden years. After years of working for your family, it’s time to kick back, relax and enjoy Belize’s slow-paced lifestyle. The low cost of living and tax-free pensions leave you with more money to do the things you really want to do – exploring and having fun. You can wake up in the morning surrounded by trees and mountains and in the next few hours you can be relaxing on the beach, enjoying your favourite drink.

The weather is warm all year round, making any time of the year an ideal time to get out and enjoy the country. The international airport in Belize offers direct flights to 5 US states, making a trip back home, easily achieved or close enough for family and friends to come to visit.

3. A New Home

If you’re looking for a new lifestyle for your family, Belize is the place for you. Belize is the only English-speaking country in Central America, which makes the country ideal as you won’t have to learn a new language.  We have a slow-paced society. The average person in Belize works 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, with a commute of about 15-30 minutes leaving you with additional time to enjoy your family and explore the country.

Tax rates in Belize are also low. The average Belizean doesn’t pay income tax. There is a General Sales Tax (GST) on all items other than basic staples; however, this is only 12.5%. Real Estate is also relatively low when compared to developed nations. If you’re willing to live outside city limits, those real estate rates get even better (city limits are roughly about 6 miles from the centre).  An average 4-person family can live comfortably on about BZ$3000.00/month (US$1 = BZ$2)

4. A Business Venture

Belize is also a developing nation, thus offering you many opportunities to start a business. The country doesn’t have many developed industries, so you can pretty much be a pioneer in any area you’d like. However, if you prefer to carry on in the already established industries, Tourism is the better choice. The Tourism Industry in Belize is booming with opportunities, the options are endless considering all that Belize has available. This would include restaurants, gift shops, hotels, tour companies, dive shops, nature trails, and much more.

The Entertainment Industry in Belize is in its early stages, so if you are interested in making your mark here, now would be a good time. Belizeans, in general, prefer to remain with long-standing businesses, thus investing in a new industry would be a great way to ensure long-term success.

Whether you are looking to open a small business with yourself as the manager, worker, and janitor, or a five-star resort hidden in the mystical jungles, you can find a niche here.  Keep in mind though that all businesses pay taxes depending on what type of business you have. Information on business tax can be found at the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Francis Ford Coppola has invested in two multi-million dollar resorts in Belize: Turtle Inn is located in the beach town of Placencia, and Blancaneaux Lodge is located in the jungles of Cayo.

– Lorenzo Gonzalez

Now, Here’s How You Can Finance Your Dreams

As for financial services in Belize, there are five local banks and five International Banks which offer offshore banking to nonresidents of Belize. The local banks are spread throughout the country, with several of the international banks having a close relationship with the local banks giving you access to your bank accounts countrywide.

There are arrays of financial products that can help you along the way to realizing your dreams in Belize.  You have basic savings and demand deposit accounts that are kept ready, which you can use to keep your funds readily available to you while here in Belize. If you decide to take the plunge and move here, a mortgage can help you secure your own piece of paradise. You also have the option of a line of credit, which gives those making a business venture, access to money to turn their business into a successful endeavour.

As you can see, Belize has many things to offer various types of investors. Are you interested? Yes or no? Tell us why?



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    This is true, I invested in a small hotel in Placencia a few years back and my profits keep growing every year!

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