What’s the Nightlife like in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye?

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San Pedro Town on Ambergris Caye is the most popular tourist destination in Belize. It is the most commercially developed island in Belize and hosts a plethora of amenities that tourists enjoy, such as beautiful beachfront resorts, distinguished restaurants, and most importantly, easy access to the second-largest barrier reef in the world.

Because of this popularity, the nightlife in San Pedro took on a life of its own, ultimately, making the island develop a reputation for having the best nightlife in Belize. On any day of the week, people would be expected to be out having a great time. What else would you do on an island paradise?

The Best Bars & Nightlife in San Pedro

1. Early Entertainment Spots
2. Beach Bars
3. Sports Bars
4. Lounges
5. Night Clubs

The nightlife scene in San Pedro has recently changed dramatically, principally because of new municipal regulation on noise pollution. Most bars are now only allowed to open until midnight. A few bars can open until later if they are enclosed or have a permit, but this is mostly on special occasions.

Since things have recently changed so much, it’s not as obvious which bars in San Pedro are “happening” anymore. This may sound discouraging, but have no fear, I am here to help you find the fun! Because people on the island are definitely still enjoying San Pedro’s nightlife.

1. Early Entertainment Spots in San Pedro

Truck Stop

Truck Stop

Located one mile North of San Pedro, the Truck Stop is great for an early start to a fantastic night out. Fun events include Trivia on Thursdays, Family Feud on Friday, Movie Night on Saturday. The bar is fully stocked and closes at 10 PM.

Red Ginger

Red Ginger

Aside from being a nice restaurant, Red Ginger has an upstairs bar that is great for pre-gaming. Visit for half price wine specials on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. Red Ginger closes 9:30 PM.

Havana Cigars

Havana Cigars

Located in downtown San Pedro, Havana Cigars is a cozy cigar bar that has the perfect atmosphere for a cigar, drink, and good conversation. They have a great alcohol selection and Carlos, the owner/ bartender is a great conversationalist. A TV is also available for sports. Havana Cigars is usually open until 12 AM.

2. Beach Bars in San Pedro



We actually call it Wayo’s 2.0. Not too long ago they moved from the beach to the dock in front of their old location, so now you get to sit right over the water. The new Wayo’s is much bigger now and now they also sell bar food! Here you will find a great mixture of locals, expats and tourists. They have TV’s to watch the game and on Sunday nights they do live music. The staff are always friendly, which is definitely my favorite thing about Wayo’s!

Sandy Toes San Pedro

Sandy Toes

Located just South of Wayo’s, Sandy Toes is a great spot where locals, expats and tourists mingle. It is also one of the more family friendly bars and a great spot to find good bar food (try the ceviche). They have chairs out on the beach where you can dip your toes in the sand while you enjoy your drinks. They also offer different live music entertainment options during the week. And on special occasions, they will bring in guest DJ’s and this usually appeals to a younger crowd and becomes a full-on beach party.

Crazy Canucks

Crazy Canucks

Crazy Canucks is located about a mile South of downtown San Pedro (Central Park, where the clock is). This bar is a huge hit on Tuesdays for hermit crab racing, which also includes live music or a guest DJ! They are also popular on Mondays for reggae night. During the week they have special events that will attract different types of crowds. Mostly you will find expats and tourists here.

Bar at Sandbar Hostel

Sandbar Hostel

The Sandbar Hostel also has a happening bar scene at night. Since the bar is part of the hostel, it’s definitely for a fun younger crowd. The bartenders are fun and friendly and there are TV’s to watch sporting events when available.

3. Sports Bars in San Pedro

Lola’s Pub

Lola’s Pub

Lola’s Pub is one of my favourite hang out spots. It is a small Chicago-style pub that is popular for their drink selection, and air-conditioned setting. It is cozy and is popular among locals and expats. Some weekends they stay open until 1 AM.

Croc’s Sunset Bar and Grill

Croc’s Sunset Bar and Grill

Croc’s Sunset Bar and Grill is a little less than a mile north of San Pedro’s bridge. It is a great spot for sporting events with great drink selections. Locals, tourists, and expats love it here.

Sidelines Sports Bar

Sidelines Sports Bar

Sidelines is a new and VERY UP AND COMING bar. It is great for sports but also a great spot to mingle with the locals. It is one of the only places that can regularly stay open after midnight because they are enclosed. Highlights include beer towers, the occasional DJ, and Karaoke on Sundays. It is located in the San Cas building, which is in front of El Fogon Restaurant.

Carlo & Ernie’s Runway Bar

Carlo & Ernie’s Runway Bar

Runway (as we call it) is located right next to the San Pedro airport tarmac, where you can watch the planes fly in. This spot is a great for sports fanatics since there are lots of TVs and projectors and everyone’s encouraged to get loud about their favorite teams. It’s very spacious and it’s a favorite for locals and expats. Bring your sports jerseys and your flags so that they can stick it up at the bar.

Average Joe’s Sports Bar

Average Joe’s Sports Bar

Located in South Ambergris Caye, Average’s Joe’s has long been a popular bar in San Pedro. It is not only known as a sports bar but also for events with special guest live bands and karaoke.

4. Lounges in San Pedro

Sunset Lounge

Sunset Lounge

Sunset Lounge is also a new and VERY UP AND COMING spot. It is located at the same location as Sidelines Sports Bar but on the building’s rooftop. This spot has become a huge hit, especially with the locals. It has a lively ambiance and the perfect backdrop for the #gram! They are open from Wednesday to Saturday. Check them out on Instagram to keep up with events.

Intro Lounge

Intro Lounge

Intro Lounge is a great spot that has an exclusive and fancy vibe. Since it opens past midnight, it is a great late night spot in San Pedro. I recommend this place to celebrate birthdays or to enjoy a group night out since they have private tables and sectionals.

Nook Restaurant in San Pedro Belize

Nook Restaurant & Cocktail Bartique

Nook is located on front street, across from Central Park. This funky restaurant can also be used as a lounge so stop in for a drink. And best of all, they sell late night bites! Find them on FB – they are always doing drink specials during the week.

5. Night Clubs in San Pedro

Jaguar's Temple Night Club

Jaguar’s Temple

Located at the center of town, Jaguar’s is the most popular nightclub in San Pedro. It is also the only night club that opens after midnight, which means you’ll find that everyone ends up there. It is usually free for ladies on Fridays – unless there’s a special event. Cover charge is usually $10 BZD unless there is a special event. Open Thursday to Saturday.

Pedro’s Club Inferno:

Pedro’s Club Inferno

Located South of downtown, Pedro’s Club is VERY POPULAR on Wednesday night for Ladies Night. This place is highly recommended for a local party experience and it usually gets crowded around 11 PM. The house DJ, DJ Debbie is the best, so look forward for dance competitions and prizes during your time there. Ladies get in free, men have to pay $10 BZD but also get a free drink ticket.

Daddy Rock's Night Club

Daddy Rock’s Night Club

Daddy Rock’s Night Club is located at the center of town. People usually go here when everything else is closed. This place is open every night of the week unless it’s really slow during the tourism slow season.

Where to go for Nightlife in San Pedro during the week

Red Ginger (for Half Price Wine Night)Wine De Vine ($10 wine night – closes at 8 PM)Truck Stop (Outdoor Movie and Music)Truck Stop (Trivia)
Crazy Canuck’sCrazy Canuck’s (Hermit Crab Racing)Sunset Lounge (Industry Night)Wahoo’s Lounge (Chicken Drop)
Average Joe’s (Jam night)Pedro’s Club Inferno (Ladies Night)

Where to go for nightlife in San Pedro during the weekend

Red Ginger (Half Price Wine)Sunset LoungeTruck Stop (Live Music)
Truck Stop (Family Feud)Lola’s PubWayo’s (Live Music)
Most places are fun on FridaySidelinesSandy Toes
Pedro’s Night Club
Jaguar’s Temple

San Pedro’s Nightlife dress code

The dress code when going out in San Pedro is typically casual, especially during the week. However, on weekends people put in a bit more effort into their attire. It all depends on a “how do you feel” basis! I usually say it’s difficult to be over or underdressed here. Sandals and flip flops are okay at most places. The exception is the Intro Lounge. They have a little bit of a dress code where it is more dressy casual to cocktail attire.

How much does it cost to go out?

Most bars in San Pedro charge the same prices for alcohol: beer is around $5-$6, rum is also $5-$6, vodka is $10, wine is $15 per glass, and frozen drinks are around $16. All prices in Belize Dollars.

Places like Sunset Lounge and Intro Lounge have higher prices but they are a great choice for a night out if you don’t mind splurging.

San Pedro’s nightlife during festivals and major events

During festivals and special events in San Pedro, the town almost does a 180. Everything gets busier and this is when many places get permission to open later. And depending on the festival, various locations host different events ensuring many options. The best way to find out where the fun will be is to ask the locals or find out through social media, possibly using the location tag or going to the locations Instagram stories.

In the End…

For the most part, there’s always something you can do at night in San Pedro. During the tourism high season, the island is always vibrant and bustling with activity. And during the slow season, things are a bit quieter since many locals (waiters, bartenders, tour guides) often take a break to replenish themselves or go away on vacation.

I personally prefer the nightlife during the slow season since you can enjoy hanging out with people without many distractions and you are also able to make more meaningful connections. However, in the end, it’s all about what you make it and the experience you want to have.

I want to highlight that all the places that I mentioned are safe and the people are friendly and helpful, but it’s always important to drink responsibly and be aware of your surroundings. Find me on Instagram @natashaolivestuart if you do need any more help!



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