Popular Belizean Snacks & Treats You Must Try

Top Belizean snacks and treats
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Belize is the melting pot when it comes to cuisine, and it has made an indelible mark on the world of food. Visitors flock to restaurants to experience rice & beans and other local food delicacies, but few seek out authentic Belizean snacks and treats. Let’s take a look at the top snacks everyone in Belize is familiar with and visitors must try.

P.s. A bonus sweet treat is mentioned at the end.

10. Powderbuns

Belizean Powderbun

Powderbun is a staple snack across Creole households in Belize. These are fluffy, slightly sweet bread-like snacks that pair well with coffee or cheese. Powder buns can be eaten any time of the day. This amazing snack is easily comparable to an English scone.

9. Wangla


Wangla is a delicious brittle-type candy made from sesame seeds. This popular treat can be found at almost any street vendor across Belize.

The process of making the candy is quite simple using only three ingredients: sesame seeds, sugar and water. This sweet snack is similar to a thin peanut brittle only with thousands of sesame seeds.

8. Plantain Chips

Plantain Chips

Plantain chips is a popular snack for when you’re craving something salty and crunchy. The green plantains are sliced into thin pieces, fried in oil and packaged ready to eat. This snack is eaten with sweet ketchup and/or pepper sauce and is a great alternative to tortilla chips. 

7. Pepitos


Pepitos are pumpkin seeds that have been roasted and salted. It can be found at almost any store or streetside vendor in Belize. Pepitos is commonly known as “Macoby seeds” in Belize is a street treat that has long been a favourite. The salty pepitos can be eaten whole without shelling, as long as the outer shell is crunchy.  This snack is easy to make, fast and a tasty substitute for nuts.

6. Tablata

Belizean Tablata

Tablata is a well-known Creole sweet treat. It is made mostly of coconut pieces and sugar syrup. This one is more of a snack that you could grab on the go from a street-side vendor. For anyone with a sweet tooth, this is a wonderful and tasty treat to enjoy. 

5. Cutobrute


Cutobrute is a drop-type cookie similar to tableta. It is made with dried coconut, sugar, ginger and local spices for a sweet and savoury sensation. They’re dropped on foil and left to dry before being consumed.

4. Cashew Nuts

Cashew Nuts

Cashew nuts are a delicious dish all over the world, especially in Belize, where traditional roasting methods produce the tastiest nuts. The seeds are traditionally roasted in an outside oven to remove the oils. The shell is carefully broken and the cashew nut is then removed.

3. Tamarind Ball

Tamirand Ball

This treat is especially yummy whether it is served sweet or sour. The balls are made by removing the seeds, and then rolling the pulp is in sugar. The crunchy sugar crystals combine with the tart fruit paste for an irresistible treat that everyone enjoys. It’s a great take-along snack for quick energy.

2. Stew Craboo

Stew Craboo

The craboo or nance is a small cherry-like fruit that is well known and enjoyed in Belize. A very popular way this fruit is eaten is stewed. Although the stew craboo may have a peculiar smell, it is yummy and scrumptious. The process of making the stew craboo is time-consuming, but the end result makes a perfect snack.

1. Belizean Fudge

Belizean Fudge

Belizean fudge, one of our all-time favourite desserts, differs from your typical fudge recipes that are chocolate-based. Belizean fudge is a sweet little treat composed mainly of condensed milk, peanuts, sugar, and often rounded with raisins or shredded coconuts. It is very smooth and perfect for your sweet cravings.

Bonus: Choco Banana

Choco Banana

Choco Banana is an iconic icy-cool Belizean treat to satisfy all warm-weather cravings. Kids and adults love it alike. It is prepared by inserting a wooden stick into half bananas. These banana lollipops are then frozen before being dipped in melted chocolate. Nuts are added and it is again placed in the freezer for a couple of hours.

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Top 10 Belizean snacks



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