Reader’s Choice: Popular Resorts in Belize

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In 2016, my website saw a decline in visitors. received 359,381 unique visitors in 2015 and that number dropped to 334,671 in 2016. Visitors in 2016 came primarily from 5 countries: United States (over 70%), Canada, Belize, UK and Mexico.

It’s interesting to see Mexico rank in the top 5, however, I anticipated that trend and strategically wrote articles in spanish, like ¿Qué hay para ver y hacer en Belice?. My most popular post received over 80,000 views for the year, however, I won’t list my top posts since my website is often targetted by individuals who want to copy it.

The decline in traffic in 2016 can be primarily blamed to being hacked around mid-summer. However, after dealing with that issue, my site has slowly regained its ranking, which suggests that my blog remains a popular choice for readers interested in traveling to Belize.

Since I have data on my readers, I decided to rank their preference in resorts in Belize. This is no way comprehensive and of course, it has many limitations, such as, it is based on clicks and it only includes hotels that are listed on my site. However, I can vouch for this list, it indeed represents the top resorts in Belize.

popular resorts in belize 2016

Top 10 resorts in Belize

1. El Secreto Resort

2. Cayo Espanto

3. The Lodge at Chaa Creek

4. Matachica Beach Resort

5. Pelican Reef Villas

6. Victoria House

7. The Pheonix

8. Blancaneaux Lodge

9. Turtle Inn Resort

10. Robert’s Grove Beach Resort

As you can see above, there is a major preference towards beach resorts, with El Secreto and Cayo Espanto topping the list. It is also evident that most of the resorts are in Ambergris Caye. The eco-jungle lodge, Chaa Creek, comes in third and the only other lodge on the list, Blancaneaux, places 8th.

If you are interested in reading more about these resorts, you can visit the page: The best hotels in Belize.



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