Travel Style: Rachael Russell’s What To Wear in Belize

Rachael Russell on Maya Ruins
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Rachael Russell is a fashion stylist based in Miami, Florida. Aside from being a celebrity stylist, her work has appeared in several magazines, adverts, and commercials. She has worked for 944 Magazine, Plum, and Vogue at Conde Nast. And most recently, she was signed with FORD’s artist division.

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I caught up with her after a recent trip to Belize and had the pleasure of getting a short interview. Here are some great fashion tips on what to wear in Belize.

1. What did you pack for Belize? Why?

marimba lessons in belize
Marimba lessons anyone?

I love the vibrant textiles and prints that come from the country, so I tried to mirror that while packing.

I brought a mix of bold solid corals and cobalt blues, and lots of soft pale whites and neutrals. For shoes, I packed my multi-colored Espadrille Keds, Aztec-printed Steve Madden wedges, and of course Havaianas.

2. What to wear when you go to the beach?

belize accessories
Fashion accessories used while in Belize

For fun in the sun, I brought a couple of playful bikinis from Missoni, Pitusa, Maya and La Perla.

I stacked my wrists with lots of bracelets made with beads, stones and shells. When I was lounging in the shade I practically lived in different variations of Poupette St. Barth’s tasseled drawstring shorts, a straw Panama hat, and a copy of W.

3. Why did you choose Belize for your vacation?

Where is Belize

Belize is close by and it has the best of both worlds; activities on the beach and adventures in the rainforest. I recommend that anyone that visits Belize should do both to have the best experience ever!

4. Tell me a little more about your Belize trip…

horseback riding in belize
Such a beautiful horse

I visited two of the Francis Ford Coppola resorts; Turtle Inn on the beach in Placencia and Blancaneaux Lodge in the rainforests of western Belize.

In Placencia, I spent my days at Turtle Inn by taking yoga on the beach, utilizing the hotel’s bikes, kayaks, restaurants, rum, and one day of snorkeling around the southern cayes on their boat, Miss Ellie.

At Blancaneaux, which is in Cayo, I enjoyed horseback riding, hiking, visiting Maya temples, zip-lining, and swimming in lovely waterfalls.

If you want to learn more about Rachael Russell you should take a look at her work at and as well check out the great stuff she’s doing for her non-profit at She is also active on Instagram at @Rachel.Russell.



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  1. TiaChocolate says

    I love her fashion choices, and I am always inspired by some of the looks from tourists I see out and about AC…I usually end up with a few pieces for myself based on a look I really love…so fashion is important, and while most visitors may only be dressing for themselves and for fun, it can be inspiring as well…:)

    • Lorenzo Gonzalez says

      Life is about finding things that make you happy… for some it’s fashion, for others it’s travel. And then people like Rachael mix both of them and gets the ultimate bliss! 🙂 Happy to hear you enjoyed this article!

  2. Hoke Rachel says

    I must have those cute multi colored flats in the pic with the horse! Where do I get them? FYI stayed at Blancaneaux years ago. Amazing resort. Loved the horseback ride to the waterfalls!

      • Rachel Hoke says

        Thank you! I found them! D they run true to size? Sorry I know you’re not a product reviewer! Lol! Haven’t yet been to Placencia but my good friend did and she loved it. We go to our condo in AC every year. Need to get back to BL though with the kids!

        • Rachael says

          yes, they run true to size! I get so many compliments on them- definitely a solid purchase.

  3. Travelmonkeys says

    Interesting because we were told on our first visit to Belize that “there is no fashion” in Belize.  You wear what you want and are accepted anywhere.  Shorts, a t-shirt or tank top and flip flops will take you anywhere.

    Dressing up in Belize is a sure sign you are a gringo and will make you stick out like a sore thumb.

    After 8 trips to Belize (and returning again in 6 weeks), we know what “packing light” really means.

    • Lorenzo Gonzalez says

      Good point. You must remember though that travel is about experiences and if you choose the “no shirt, no shoes, no problem” way that’s great but some people prefer otherwise, in their own right. 🙂

    • Rachael says

      It’s all about casual chic! FYI: I did this entire 6 day trip out of a carry on. Fashionistas pack quality, not quantity! haha

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