Belize in December – What to do?

lighted boat parade

December is a great time to be in Belize: it’s the start of the high tourism season, the weather is perfect and the vibe is amazing. You’ll be able to enjoy cool breeze, sunshine and clear blue skies, and witness the festive mood around you as Belizeans prepare to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Eve.


1. Holiday Lighted Boat Parade

Where: Ambergris Caye

To celebrate the Christmas season, boats are decorated with lights and ornaments and sail from Boca Del Rio to Coconuts Hotel. The lighted boats are a beautiful sight to see as you sit on the beach and the nice cool breeze hits your face.

2. Christmas Eve

Where: across Belize

Christmas eve is a great day to visit the downtown core of whichever place you are to see Belizeans running around doing errands and buying last minute Christmas gifts. There is loud music everywhere and nonstop firecrackers exploding in the background.

3. Christmas Day

Where: across Belize

This is a national holiday and most restaurants and stores are closed except for hotel restaurants. On this day locals have backyard family BBQs and stay home all day, however, the younger crowds usually go out with friends at nighttime.

4. Boxing Day

Where: San Ignacio/Santa Elena, Cayo, and Burrell Boom, Belize

The day after Christmas is also a holiday and most Belizeans head to the racetracks for a day filled with happy cheering and lots of drinking. The biggest horse racing event takes place in the village of Burrell Boom near Belize City but in the twin towns of San Ignacio and Santa Elena there is also a lively smaller event.

5. New Year’s Eve

Where: across Belize

Since Christmas Eve and Christmas are usually days that Belizeans spend with their families, New Year’s Eve is when everyone goes out to party with friends. Some people, of course, will also party with their family on New Year’s Eve but it is most common for individuals to go to a nightclub and bring in the New Year with their partners and friends. So hit up a nightclub or bar and get your dance on!


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  1. Marcia Sheid November 24, 2015 at 4:39 PM #

    The Black Orchid Resort in Burrell Boom is a great place to stay!