5 Belize-Inspired Drinks to Make at Home

Belizean bartender

One of my most popular articles is the recipe for Panty Ripper – an easy-to-make Belizean drink that is famous. I imagine, after a couple weeks of being back from Belize, someone remembers how enjoyable the drink was and decides to look it up. Actually, they might not even love the taste and just want to re-create it for friends since it reminds them of their unforgettable vacation. The truth is that it doesn’t matter, I’m just glad it’s being made all over the world.

However, it’s about time I share a few more delicious cocktails with you guys. For this, I enlisted the help of Marco, he is currently a talented bartender at The Lodge at Chaa Creek and man oh man, can he make good drinks. Check out the interview and enjoy making the following Belize-inspired Cocktails.

Tell me a little about yourself?

I am 29 years old, I was born in Dangriga and moved to Benque Viejo at the age of 7. I put myself through school so from an early age I needed to work during summer vacations. When I was 13 years old I went to Ambergris Caye for the summer and I met friends and family who were in the hotel business. They kept telling me about interesting and funny stories that were a part of everyday life in the hospitality industry and I became intrigued. For the rest of my summer I worked with my family and met wonderful new people from around the world.

After high school I started working at Las Terazas and then worked at Suenos del Mar. The managers at this resort were kind enough to offer to help me get a visa to travel to the US so that I could get training and experience. Returning to Belize I worked at various resorts throughout the country and I’m glad to finally be back in my hometown. My plan was to gain as much experience as possible and make a difference whenever I came home.

What do you do for fun during your free time?

I love spending time with my family. I have always worked far from home and have not had the luxury of being close to them. I am a foodie at heart and love being in the kitchen cooking for my wife and kids. In my free time I read a lot about bartending as I am always looking for new ideas to ensure that I create happy smiles on my guests when they taste my amazing concoctions. This is what gives me the most joy.

How long have you been working at Chaa Creek?

I have been here a little over a year and hope to be here for many more years to come. I remember it was in the month of June when I received a call from the assistant general manager, Bryony Bradley saying that I had been hired for the bartending position – I couldn’t hide my excitement. From the moment I started working at Chaa Creek I felt the love from the owners and colleagues. We have great teamwork and I feel that it is a very spiritual place. We’re like one big family.

What are your top five cocktail drinks to prepare?

Blue Morpho Belizean drink

Blue Morpho


Coconut Rum, 1oz

One Barrel Rum, 1oz

Grapefruit Juice, 2oz

Pineapple Juice, 2oz

Blue Crème De Cacao, 0.5oz  

How to prepare:

This drink can either be frozen or shaken

Garnish with pineapple, grapefruit and a cherry

Serve in a cocktail glass

Dragon Fruit Mojito

Dragon Fruit Mojito


Mint Leaves, 12

Dragon Fruit, 2oz

Caribbean White Rum, 2oz

Lime Juice, 1oz

Sugar, 2 teaspoons 

How to prepare:

Crush mint leaves with dragon fruit

Shake with the rest of ingredients

Top off with soda water and serve in cocktail glass

Jungle Remedy Belizean cocktail

Jungle Remedy


Triple Sec, 0.5oz

Vodka, 1.5oz

Lime Juice, 1oz

Mint Leaves, 12

Tonic Water, 4oz

Angostura Bitters, Dash

How to prepare:

Combine all the ingredients

Shake it well and pour over ice

Garnished with lime and serve in a tall Collins glass

Sorrel Colada Belizean cocktail

Sorrel Colada


One Barrel, 1oz

Coconut Rum, 1oz

Sorrel, 1oz

Coconut Cream Lime, 1oz

Pineapple Juice, 1oz

How to prepare:


Garnish with Pineapple and sorrel petals

Serve in a cocktail glass 

Dragonfly Belizean cocktail



Gin, 1oz

Caribbean White Rum, 1oz

Crème De Banana, .5oz

Midori, .5oz

Lime Juice, .5oz

Lime Cordial, .5oz

Soda Water 

How to prepare:

All ingredients are shaken together then topped off with a splash of soda water

Serve in a tall Collins glass

What’s your favourite cocktail from the five mentioned above?

My favourite is the infused Dragon Fruit Mojito. It’s very unique to Chaa Creek and we use all fresh ingredients from our own organic Maya Farm. The colour of this drink is so appealing to the eye and when you serve it to guests the first word out of their mouth is WOW! And this is what Chaa Creek is all about, we ensure that we create the wow factor for our guests.




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