Rio Frio Cave

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Rio Frio Cave in Mountain Pine Ridge
Entrance of Rio Frio Cave – Photo by Dave Hernandez

Located within the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve, the Rio Frio Cave is one of the most easily accessible and most visited caves in Belize. It is a must-visit spot for anyone visiting western Belize.

Visiting Rio Frio Cave

Rio Frio Cave is a popular attraction for tourists visiting Moutain Pine Ridge for a day or for those returning from Caracol. The tour typically leaves San Ignacio at 7 or 8 AM and it includes tons of opportunities to hike, swim, and spot wildlife.

When entering the cave, tourists will notice huge stalactites hanging from the massive cathedral-like vault, which is part of a cave system the Maya used to bury their dead. Room-size boulders are strewn throughout the cave and a stream flows through, forming pools with cascading falls.

Openings at both ends of the cave make flashlights unnecessary for viewing the cave’s formations during daylight hours. There is a beach area with a foot bridge for crossing the stream and getting to the other side, which leads to the exit opening.

It is a quarter mile through to the other side, another equally impressive opening. At the exit opening, look for a well-maintained nature trail, one of which leads to a nearby cave, Cuevas Gemelas. A second trail leads back to the parking lot.

Since Rio Frio Cave is about 2 hours by car from San Ignacio, most people visit on day trips. However, there is the option of staying nearby at eco-lodges located within the reserve.