Funny Beliefs And Superstitions Of Belize

beliefs and superstitions of Belize
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I should have named this post, funny beliefs and superstitions of OLD Belize, since, for some reason, the younger generation of Belizeans aren’t as superstitious. Actually, when you look at some of the beliefs, you can’t help but laugh at how ridiculous they sound. But of course, I respect and understand why these superstitions played such a vital part of their lives.

The beliefs were passed down from parent to child over several generations, and these stories were used as tools to keep their children at bay from too much mischief and/ or harm. The same goes for Belizean folklore, when our parents warned us about the mythical characters of Belize and that they would appear to us if we misbehaved, we improved our behavior.

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1. Never sharpen your pencil on both sides, bad things will happen

This one was made popular by teachers, they would tell students that sharpening a pencil on both sides would bring bad luck and someone in your family could also die. Why would anyone want to sharpen both sides of a pencil? Well for starters, if a side broke, you’d have the other side to use, and second, kids also tried anything to seem cool and different. I assume that since sharp objects around kids are dangerous, adults made up that saying so that kids would be safer.

2. Bad Breeze wa ketch yuh

Don’t be making funny and weird faces or mimicking physically impaired persons since “Bad Breeze” could catch you and you would stay like that forever. Bad breeze was referred to as a bad wind that would permanently let you stay in the mocking manner you were. Since children love mischief, parents made up this superstition to make sure they respected others.

3. Boys and girls, when someone is sweeping, don’t let the broom hit your feet

If the broom hits your feet, that would mean that you’d have to marry an old lady or man. This was probably made popular by moms who didn’t want their children running around whenever they were sweeping and doing house chores. This was a hit among young girls as they surely didn’t want to marry an old grumpy man.

4. Big Peteh or Tamales foot

Don’t walk around barefoot as you’ll grow a “Peteh” or “Tamales foot”. Peteh is the Belizean creole word for big, flat and broad feet. I don’t know why but growing up, there was nothing better than being without shoes or sandals. Heck, I even enjoyed playing soccer barefoot as I had better control of the ball. Adults always warned us about putting on shoes or sandals, but I think it was just because they wanted us to protect our feet from prickles and bruises.

5. Mind yuh turn mermaid pan Good Friday

When Easter came, school was out and everyone wanted to spend hot days at the river. But on Good Friday, no one was allowed to go to the river since you’d turn into a mermaid. This was ridiculous and I knew adults only said that because as Christians, Good Friday was meant to be a day to forego all pleasures and imitate the suffering and death of Christ.

6. No give and tek back, yuh wa ketch Piscuch

This one is funny. If you gave something away and later took it back later, you would catch a “Piscuch”, a small bump on the eyelid – which is actually a Chalazion. This was done to prevent kids from being mean and to embrace sharing their toys and snacks with others. Also, another way you could supposedly catch a piscuch was by watching dogs have sex or take a dump. (HAHA)

Now I’ll pass the baton, what are some superstitions you grew up with?



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  1. Gustavo Chan says

    Don’t whistle at night or tata duhende will come for you, don’t cry at night or llorona will come for you also jaja parents for sure knew how to keep us quiet

  2. Jelena says

    HELLO, im doing an international, folk stories from around the world, project.
    Belize is one of the countries I’m researching and I cannot find any written stories that I found to be popular among the creole community.
    is there a place or way where I can find full stories- I have a special interest in Hashishi Pampi.
    I would be so grateful for your help. -Jelena
    regards from Croatia!

  3. Summer says

    Don’t open an umbrella in the house. Breaking a mirror is 7 years bad luck. A 4-leaf clover, if found, will bring good luck for sure, as will a rabbits foot. This is very strange, since the rabbit HAD 4 of them. I also find it interesting that cats in the US have 9 lives, but cats in Mexico only have 7.

  4. Nathaniel Reneau says

    i’m 20 and i still believe in these lol. especially the one about giving and taking back. this was a great reminder of my childhood. thanks mien 🙂

  5. Lythia Awe says

    This is awesome Lorenzo! All these superstitions amuse me! You forget fu seh how fu get rid of the piscuch… pass wah knife nine times over your eye ! Lol
    Have you ever heard about this one. .. Neva open umbrella inah the house. It wah bring bad luck.

  6. brad Belize says

    These are awesome.

    You know, I have noticed since I moved here 5+ years ago and pretty much never wear shoes, My feet are much wider by the toes area and tennis shoes hurt to wear all day now.

    My families feet (in the States) looks skinny/funny to me now.

  7. Irina says

    haha good ones! never keep an empty bottle [of booze] on the table – bad luck…. put it under the table when it’s done.. have no idea where it’s coming from

  8. Evan says

    when someone dies you are not to serve tamales until 3 days. Belief is that tamales is wrapped and you may bury another family member

  9. Holly Edgell says

    Don’t put your purse on the floor, it could cost you. Is that a Belize one, or universal?

  10. Melanie says

    These are funny. Great insider tips for travellers to fit in with the locals. I love the one about turning into a mermaid. Some, like the bad breeze wa ketch yuh are heard here too:)

  11. Maryam says

    Ha! These are good ones Lencho! :0) Some that I remember are: 1. No walk ova somebody weh di lay down, yuh di shorten dehn life, 2. No stir dih pot with wah knife, yu wah bring strife eena di house, 3. No mek more than one person play eena yo hair, yo di shorten yo life…4. No sweep da night, yo di sweep out the blessings, 5. and No throw wah hat pan di bed, yo di shorten yo life….and mein, the list goes on and on and on….lol

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