How to swear like a Belizean

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The use of profanity is popular in most cultures, and, in some, possibly more than others. In Belize, cursing is a part of everyday life, and ‘bad words’ are used openly in conversations. Mostly only by adults.

Some Belizean swear words are harsher than others and are used specifically with the intention of offending someone, but some are usually only used to “spice up” a conversation. For example, they are used to help get your point across, better.

belizean bad word: stap yu rass

Let me introduce you to a few of the most common Belizean bad words, and since Kriol is an adaptation of English, you will notice that some are similar to the ones you’re perhaps very familiar with. Or not.

1. Raass

This is the most popular curse word in Belize and it’s either used as an insult or as an intensifier.

Stap yuh raass.Stop talking shit.
Raass, ih hot.Damn, it’s hot.

2. Sleck

This is the Kriol term for being nasty. It also means being indecent. This word can be used to insult someone or to joke around among friends.

Get yu sleck raass fa round me.You smell dirty and smelly so get away from me.
Stap be sleck, yu fart stink.Don’t fart around me, it stinks.

3. Gud fu notin

This is used to tell someone that they are worthless to you. It’s not unusual to hear a wife screaming this to their ‘bad’ husband when they are arguing.

Gud fu notin, cradle rabba.You are worthless for cheating on me with a much younger person.

4. Tilly

This is the Kriol term for penis and it is used only to offend someone.

Tilly headDick head
Yu crazy, da tilly yu wantYou’re crazy, you must want a dick.

5. Coco

This is the Kriol term for vagina. It can be used regularly in a conversation or to insult someone.

Yu stinkin coco gial.Your vagina smells bad.
Mek a tell yu sumting, Sandra coco nice.Let me share something with you, Sandra is good at sex.

6. Poke

This is the same as Coco. It is most commonly used with youngsters.

Yu Poke face, yu.You have a vagina for a face.
Madas, da gial gah wah fat poke.Damn, that woman has a nice vagina.

7. Batty man

Batty means butt in Kriol, therefore batty man translates to butt man. But it doesn’t mean you’re a guy who’s into girls with big butts. Batty man or batty buay is a derogatory term used for a gay person.

Go weh, batty man.Get away, gay.

8. Mada fucka

I’m guessing this should be easy to translate? It’s mother fucker. It can be used as an exclamation or to insult.

Well, mada fucka.Oh my goodness
Yu mada fucka yu, wait mek ah beat yu rass.Mother fucker, I’ll beat your ass.

9. Sketel

This term is used to label girls that are promiscuous.

Da gial da wah sketel.That woman is a slut.

10. Facey

Facey means being selfish but can also mean being disrespectful. It isn’t usually used as an insult but at times people get offended by it.

Yu only facey, Mami seh mek we mi share di sweets.Stop being selfish, mom said we would share the candy.

On an end note, here is something funny. If parents hear their kids cursing they shout the following to them: “Noh mek I hea yuh di cuss again, I wah buss yuh rass and wash yuh mouth wit soap.” Haha

Have you heard any of these bad words being used before? Which one is your favourite?



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  1. Bileezyan says

    Disya da fo wee karek spelinz a fo wee wod dehn anda:

    1. raas
    2. slek/slak
    3. gud fa notn
    4. tili
    5. koako
    6. poak
    7. batiman
    8. (?)
    9. sketel (karek – correct)
    10. faysi

  2. Kruffy says

    Well yeah, Belize was initially African slaves from Africa n Jamaica and indigenous Mayan people. Somewhere down the line we all have slave ancestors that were of African descent, hell I bet even the mayans were saying it back then along with their African lovers or friends.

  3. David Thompson says

    In Belize anyone can use the term nigga or niggah, you need to realise that most black belizeans aren’t that critical of the word, but if you use the term black sambo, you may get your head split open there are other terms especially for blacks from the south that you shouldn’t use, and I’d never mention publicly..

  4. Mateo El Pendejo says

    I want to ask about a word, specifically the n word (n*gga) in belize who can say it? Anyone can please answer.

  5. Mary says

    Is the word coño used? My friend is writing a novel where teens use that as a swear word.

  6. Liv stewart says

    I really needed this. As a Belizean born in America I unfortunately do not have an accent even tho the rest of my family does so I will be studying this like it’s gonna be on a college final lol thank you

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