March in Belize

Visiting Belize in March - Best for Reef and Rainforest Adventures
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If you’re thinking about visiting Belize in March, you’re not alone. Thanks to the great weather and spring break being one of the most popular times for families to travel, it’s the most popular month for overnight visitors to Belize. 

Weather in March

Average Number of Rainy Days and Rainfall in Belize by Month

March is one of the best months to visit Belize since it is during the middle of the dry season, which runs from December to April. Most days are sunny and the nights are nice and cool. In March, the average number of rainy days is around 4 with an average of 1.5 inches of rainfall along with temperatures of 79°F (26°C).

Belize’s minimal rain and humidity in March make it perfect for outdoor activities. For daily excursions, wear sun protection such as lightweight and breathable clothing, sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat. And don’t forget insect repellant if you plan to explore the Belizean jungle.

Things to Do in March

Front Street Beach in Caye Caulker

With the excellent weather, naturally, the best things to do in March will revolve around enjoying outdoor adventures. Make sure to also check out the fun cultural festivals.

Coastal and Marine Tourism

Snorkeling at Hol Chan Marine Reserve in Belize

Most people visit Belize for coastal and marine tourism. Top of mind is the Belize Barrier Reef, which runs the entire length of the country’s coast and is filled with vibrant coral reefs and abundant marine life. Activities can be done year-round but March is especially great since it’s the peak of the dry season when sunny days and clear blue skies are prevalent.

The sea is warm and calm, allowing for easy boat trips and fishing expeditions and great underwater visibility for diving or snorkeling. The low rainfall in March is also ideal for a beach vacation since getting caught on the coast or a small island for a week-long tropical storm can mean that you’ll have to remain indoors for the entire time.

Ancient Maya Sites

Family at ATM Cave

Belize was once the center of Mayan civilization and countless ancient temples and sacred caves can be found across the country. Many of these Maya sites are located in the jungle near rivers and streams, and March’s good weather aka dry season makes visiting these sites more accessible.

Most Maya sites can be accessed year-round but sometimes during the rainy season when a tropical storm makes it rain consecutively for an entire week in Belize, sites can close due to flooding. This doesn’t happen often, perhaps only twice per year, but it does happen and can ruin your plans if you want to let’s say, visit Actun Tunichil Muknal, which is Belize’s most popular cave tour.

Festivals and Events

The Living Maya Experience at Big Falls in Toledo, Belize

Several Belizean festivals occur in March. The most popular is La Ruta Maya Belize River Challenge which runs from March 8th – 11th. The four-day canoe race follows the original trade and transport route along the Macal River and Belize River from San Ignacio to Belize City and attracts participants from all over the world.

La Ruta Maya events lead to National Heroes and Benefactors Day on March 9th, which celebrates benefactors who have contributed to the development of the country. Annually, boat races are held in Belize City, and many small towns across the country have regattas where locals hang out by the river or sea all day.

Then there’s the Maya Day festival at the end of the month. Held on March 24th at the Village of Blue Creek in Toledo, this festival highlights the Belizean Maya culture that is being preserved in Southern Belize with an event filled with traditional music, art, cultural dances, food, drinks, and games.



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