May in Belize

Belize in May - Lower prices as the shoulder season begins
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May is a wonderful month to visit Belize, as the weather is warm and sunny, which is great for reef and rainforest adventures, and the country is bursting with exciting events and festivals. It also marks the beginning of Belize’s shoulder season so you can expect accommodation and tour prices to start lowering as the country transitions from its peak season to the offseason.

Weather in May

Average Number of Rainy Days and Rainfall in Belize by Month

In May, the weather in Belize is hot and dry, making it a great time to visit if you’re looking to soak up lots of sunshine. The average temperature during the day is around 86°F (30°C), with lows of around 76°F (24°C) at night. Humidity is moderate to high with an average amount of 76%, which can be described as muggy. May marks the end of the dry season so it’s a good idea to pack some rain gear, as occasional warm showers will occur.

Best Things to Do

Antelope Falls View Point at Mayflower Bocawina National Park

May is a great month to enjoy outdoor activities and explore the rich culture and natural beauty of Belize. Here are some of the top things to do in Belize in May:

1. Snorkeling and Diving the Belize Barrier Reef

With warm and clear waters, May is a great time to go snorkeling and diving in Belize. And since Belize’s Barrier Reef runs across the country’s entire coast, there are countless spots to visit. Here is a list of top dive sites and check out Hol Chan, Mexico Rocks, South Water Caye Marine Reserve, and the atolls for world-class snorkeling.

2. Visit the Maya Sites

Belize was once the heart of the ancient Maya civilization, and there are several impressive Maya sites scattered across the country. The dry weather in May makes it a great time to explore these historic sites–albeit, it’s best to visit during the early morning to avoid the afternoon heat. Some of the top Maya sites to visit include Xunantunich, Caracol, ATM Cave and Lamanai.

3. Explore the Belizean Jungle

With over 60% of Belize under forest cover, Belize is filled with national parks, nature reserves, and wildlife sanctuaries. And in May, the hot and dry weather makes it the perfect time to explore the Belizean jungle, such as going on hikes that often lead to refreshing waterfalls. A few favourite destinations include Mountain Pine Ridge, Bocawina National Park, Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary, and St. Herman’s Blue Hole National Park.

4. Chocolate Festival of Belize

The annual Chocolate Festival of Belize takes place in May and celebrates the country’s rich chocolate history. The festival, which takes place in Toledo, includes tastings, tours, and demonstrations from local chocolatiers, as well as live music and cultural performances. It’s a great way to experience Belizean culture and indulge in some delicious treats.

5. Crooked Tree Cashew Festival

Another delicious festival in May is the Cashew Festival in Crooked Tree Village. This festival celebrates the cashew harvest season, with live music entertainment, games, cashew wine, and Caribbean-style dishes. And since you’re there, it’s always a great opportunity to do some birdwatching at the Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary, after all, it is one of the top birding destinations in Belize.

6. Monkey River Festival

For a taste of traditional Belizean culture, head to Monkey River Village in Southern Belize. The festival includes traditional games like the greasy pole challenge, watermelon eating, lime and spoon, tug-of-war, and sack races. Jankunu stick walking is also a major highlight, a challenge to all Jankunu dancers from across Belize to come and show off their skills.



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