Popular songs I heard in Cuba 2014

Salsa dancing at 1830 Restaurant and Bar, Havana Cuba
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I visited Cuba at the beginning of 2014 and aside from disconnecting from social media, I was reminded of how amazing the Caribbean is. And I’m not only talking about the beaches, I’m also talking about the music and culture.

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Cuba reminded me a lot of Belize: it’s very relaxing, everyone’s super friendly, nature is everywhere and dancing is a big part of life. But I think that their music culture might be bigger than Belize’s. I say this because one morning as I was biking to a popular beach outside of Trinidad, I stopped at the sight of an open-air thatch cabana filled with young children dancing salsa – it was super early so I was shocked. That surely doesn’t happen in Belize, I remember starting to dance until I was in my teens, when I discovered that it was the best way to get close to girls.

Before I left Trinidad I asked one of the locals about the kids dancing early in the morning and he laughed and said: “Es que esta en la sangre”, which translates because “dancing is in our blood”.

Here are the five most popular songs I heard in Cuba:

Quick update: Song #1 was bought by Enrique Iglesias and remade into a global sensation but I like the original one more so I’ll keep featuring it – after all, that’s the one I heard in Cuba!

1. Descemer Bueno Ft. Gente D’ Zona – Bailando

2. Marc Anthony – Vivir Mi Vida

3. Laritza Bacallao – Que Suenen Los Tambores

4. Buena Fe – La Culpa


5. Adrián Berazaín -Por encima de lo conocido

Great playlist, right? Song number five wasn’t really played a lot when I was there but I love the video since it’s filmed in the Sierra Maestra, where the Cuban rebellion took place.



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  1. martin says

    I’ve recently been to Cuba and loved the music and culture, but for the life of me can’t find any of the songs I heard and loved while there (although I loved not having Internet for 2 weeks it made me unable to find songs)
    I heard aguanile lots while there and vivir mi vida but already knew those prior to going.
    I want to find a certain salsa song with a chorus of lots of extended ohhhh’s

  2. TesJuste UnePlotte says

    Hi! I'm trying to find a song I heard in Cuba lately. It's in English and it says something like "She wanna beam bam boom" if anyone can help? Thanks

  3. Chantal Kramer says

    This helped me also locate a couple songs i was not able to shazam. Thank you!

  4. Jannick van Venrooij says

    Thank you so much for this! Just returned from Cuba, but without Shazam and proper understanding of Spanish I had little to go in the search for al these songs.

  5. Belize Blog says

    SUPER great play list. I need to download these immediately…though I’m pretty sure I will never dance.

  6. elisse says

    Wonderful music videos! Enjoyed them all! Made me miss Belize, & working in PR, too! Loved Marc Anthony in NYC! 🙂

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