The 5 Best Beaches in Belize

Beachfront at Toucan Jacks Tiki Bar in Placencia
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If you search online for where are Belize’s best beaches you’ll find multiple articles awarding Placencia, followed by Hopkins, the title. This isn’t without merit. At both seaside villages you’ll find long stretches of beautiful sandy beaches that are unseen elsewhere in Belize. In comparison, popular cayes such as Ambergris Caye and Caye Caulker have nice beaches but they tend to be more narrow. This is because Belizean cayes are incredibly vulnerable to erosion from harsh weather, and therefore, sea walls are typically built to protect the shoreline.

That said, even though the beaches on the cayes are smaller than those on mainland, if you were to ask most locals to name their favorite beach in Belize, it’s likely they will choose one on the cayes. Based on popularity, here I will attempt to list the best beach hotspots in Belize.

1. Secret Beach, Ambergris Caye

Secret Beach sign at Secret Beach in San Pedro, Belize

The beach hotspot number position goes to the not-so-secret, Secret Beach in Ambergris Caye. Secret Beach is actually perhaps the most popular place to go on the island. And that’s saying something since Ambergris Caye is already the most popular destination in Belize. As a beach hotspot, beach-goers can go for an overall good time. It’s a great place to go swim, lay in the sun, and party–the area has several popular restaurants and bars.

2. The Split, Caye Caulker

Caye Caulker's The Split
Playing corn hole at The Split

World-famous, the Split is a narrow channel that divides the island of Caye Caulker into two. Its deep, clean waters make it one of the best swimming spots in Caye Caulker and a great place for water sports such as snorkeling, parasailing, and fishing. It’s also home to the Lazy Lizard Bar, one of Belize’s most famous beach bars known worldwide for its specialty “green” drink. Most people that hang out at the Split go to relax on the beach, get a suntan and watch the sunset.

3. Northside Beach, Caye Caulker

Located across Caye Caulker’s Split, Northside Beach (previously known as Koko King) is one of the few beach clubs in Belize. A major benefit of this spot is that its beach is typically Sargassum-free since it’s on the west side of Caye Caulker. At Northside Beach Club you’ll find a large private beach with lounge chairs, pool, wifi, beach bar, and restaurant. It’s also developed a reputation for hosting amazing full moon parties, with top Belizean DJs hosting events once a month. Boat rides to and from Northside take just a couple of minutes and are free once you spend $25 or more on drinks and food.

4. Placencia

Beach area in front of Tipsy Tuna Bar in Placencia

With one of the most beautiful coasts in Belize, Placencia is known for long stretches of sandy beaches. Here you can find some of the top beach bars and beach resorts in Belize. As for the most popular beach spots, I believe the most famous is the beach area in front of the Barefoot Beach Bar and the Tipsy Tuna Sports Bar. This is followed by the beachfront area of Toucan Jack’s Tiki Bar. But honestly, since Placencia is a peninsula, you can find a great beach almost anywhere.

5. Hopkins

hopkins beach

Hopkins is best known as a quiet, unassuming beach town where you can go to learn about the fascinating Garifuna culture of Belize. But as a beach lover what you’ll probably be most happy about is the thick sugary beach that runs across its coast. There isn’t one particular beach hotspot in Hopkins so you’ll have to either enjoy the beach at your beach resort or visit a beach bar. You can also walk the shore until you find a spot that you like since Belizean law stipulates that the public is able to access beach areas within 60 feet of the water. Just don’t use private resort chairs or hammocks.



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