Things You Might Not Know About Belize

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This article is for you. Yes, YOU! The person who has heard about Belize but doesn’t exactly know where it is or what it consists of. The small country of Belize is still unknown to many people and for the few individuals who have heard of it, they think it’s a Caribbean island or since they hear it’s in Central America, they assume it’s another Spanish speaking nation – unfortunately, they’ve got it all wrong.

Lists make life easy, so to make it short and sweet, here are 10 things you might not know about Belize.

1. Belize has the friendliest people

If you ask anyone who has visited Belize before, everyone will say one of the main highlights was the genuine hospitality and the friendliness of the people. In short, Belizeans know how to make everyone feel welcome.

2. English is the official language

Belize is a former British colony and through this medium, we have acquired English as our first language. Everywhere you go, you will be able to get by using English.

3. Most people speak Belizean Creole

Even though English is Belize’s official language, most people speak Creole instead. Creole is a dialect and is sometimes described as “lazy” English. For example, a phrase like ‘What is going on?’ is said: “Weh di goan?”

4. Belize is more than a beach destination

Most people visit Belize for its beaches and cayes, especially to dive the Barrier Reef and the Great Blue Hole, but there is so much more to do on Belize’s mainland. With over 40 percent of Belize’s jungles reserved as protected areas, there are many things to do and natural attractions to explore.

5. Many diverse cultures exist in Belize

Belize has a small population of approximately 350,000 and depending on where you are in Belize, you will see various different ethnic groups and hear several different languages all in one place. In short, the people of Belize are very interesting.

6. Belize uses the U.S. currency

Anywhere you go, you can use U.S. dollars instead of Belizean currency. One reason why this might be done is because the U.S. dollar has always been on a fixed rate of 2:1 with the Belizean Dollar. However, take into consideration that although you used US dollars anywhere you wanted, if you want US dollars, it will be much harder to get US dollars in return.

7. Fresh food is everywhere in Belize

The food in Belize is always exceptional. This is because eating organic fruits and vegetables aren’t a trend, it’s a lifestyle. In Belize, there are farmers’ markets everywhere and it’s common for the Lobster or fish you’re having for dinner was caught by the morning fisherman.

8. Belize has a Caribbean slow-paced life

Popularized as being on “Belize time”, Belize offers visitors a contrast to the rat race of developed countries – a stress free and relaxed way of life. The small island of Caye Caulker even has their official slogan as Go Slow.

9. The Mayan Heartland is in Belize

Belize was once the center of the ancient Maya Civilization. There are many Maya temples and ceremonial caves to discover – the hardest part is deciding which tour to take.

10. Belize has Cayes instead of Islands

Belize’s coastline is approximately 386 km and it is dotted with Cayes, about 450 Cayes–the largest and most popular being Ambergris Caye. Cayes are sandy, low-elevation islands that form on top of coral reefs. Due to this reason, they are fragile and typically do not have sprawling large beaches.

Welcome to Belize

Would you happen to know anything I missed?



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  1. Ruth Rieckehoff says

    I want to go back to Belize and explore more of the Cayo District. I want to go to Placencia too.

  2. Ava Apollo says

    I completely agree especially with point one!  One of the reasons I loved Belize so much was because I felt totally welcomed everywhere.  I loved that locals were totally willing to sit down and have a beer with me and tell me stories about Belize.  It was such a good experience! 

  3. Laura @Travelocafe says

    I haven’t been to Belize, but you convinced me. It is definitely the right place to relax and escape from the real world. It’s paradise.

  4. Joe Wong says

    Well, I did know where it was and I did know it is very pretty only through pictures. What I didn’t know was most of the other facts you stated. I’m definetely planning on visiting Belize now…. I’ll ask you for advice once that day comes. Thanks for the insight Lorenzo

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