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who travels to Belize

I decided to analyze the data from the 2013 Belize tourism statistics and give you an overview of where most people who visit Belize come from. Since I follow tourism news I wasn’t surprised from what I uncovered but I’m sure you, the reader, will find it interesting.

Compared to other countries in the region, Belize receives a small amount of tourist at less than 300,000 overnight arrivals per year. Neighbouring countries such as Mexico receive over 23 million per year and Guatemala receives almost 2 million a year. Those are staggering numbers.

The main countries that visit Belize are the USA, Canada, England, Guatemala and Mexico. As of last year, I hear that a lot of South Americans (i.e. Brazilians) are starting to travel to Belize – now that’s interesting.

2013’s breakdown follows

Overnight tourists

Americans: 183, 513

Europeans: 32, 191

Canadians: 26, 713

Belizeans living abroad: 11, 489

Guatemalans: 8,860

Mexicans: 5,842

Other: 25,567

Total: 294,177

Of the total, 223,510 landed at the Phillip Goldson International Airport, 31,369 entered Belize through the Northern border with Mexico, 28,753 by the Western border with Guatemala, 7,528 at the Punta Gorda seaport and 2,997 via the Dangriga seaport.

Winter time in the great white north is when most people visit Belize and it’s no surprise that USA tops the list but I honestly expected a larger quantity of Canadians travellers since the winters here are brutal. But I guess most Canadians go to Cuba or Mexico since they prefer direct flights and it isn’t possible to fly to Belize without first landing in the US or a country near Belize. (Ways to get to Belize)

Interesting fact: There are more Belizeans living abroad than in Belize (current population 330,000) and a high percentage of them usually return for the special holidays such as Easter, September Celebrations and Christmas. They principally live in California, Texas, Chicago and Florida.




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4 Responses to Who visits Belize

  1. Viannie Canul Montero April 10, 2014 at 1:12 AM #

    Interesting to know that a lot of Belizeans live abroad. Do you have an exact number on that?

    • A.K.K.S. April 14, 2014 at 4:39 PM #

      At least 200,000 Belizeans live abroad (not counting their foreign-born children). The number is likely higher, cannot properly be verified.

      Belizeans abroad vary, but most of us are Kriol or Garifuna. This has dramatically shifted the demographics back home in Belize.


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