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Seasonal Belikin Beers. Chocolate Stout, Verano Beer, Sorrel Stout
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Belize’s most popular beers are made by the Belize Brewing Company (aka Belikin). The company mostly brews lagers and stouts, and a Guinness. Interestingly, the Guinness is not the ubiquitous draft available in North America and Europe. This Guinness is brewed bigger and bolder (with more hops and alcohol).

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Belikin’s popularity is believed to be due to a long monopoly on the beer market. In the past, rival breweries could not easily “set-up shop” and nationalistic policies prohibited most foreign beers from entering Belize. But things have changed in recent years. There was a huge reduction of import prices for beers brewed in the Caribbean — due to an open market agreement with CARICOM — which has resulted in an influx of new beers.

FYI: The drinking age in Belize is 18 years old. When purchasing beer, ID proof is never required at stores, and it’s typically not required at bars but you should have one with you just in case.

Belizeans now have more drinking options. As of 2010, you can more readily see beers such as Heineken, which is produced in St. Lucia, Carib Beer of Trinidad and Tobago, and Red Stripe of Jamaica at stores countrywide. And another benefit is that with the competition, Belikin has improved their game.

Beers in Belize

1. Belikin Beer

belikin beer
Belikin Beer – Alcohol 4.8 %

2. Belikin Stout

belikin stout
Belikin Stout – Alcohol 6.5 %

3. Belikin’s Lighthouse Lager

Belikin's Lighthouse Lager
Lighthouse Lager by Belikin – Alcohol 4.2 %

4. Belikin Premium Beer

Belikin Premium
Belikin Premium – Alcohol 4.8 %

5. Guinness Extra Stout

Guinness Extra Stout in Belize
Guinness Stout – Alcohol 7.5%

6. Belikin Seasonal Beers: Chocolate Stout, Verano Beer & Sorrel Stout

Seasonal Belikin Beers. Chocolate Stout, Verano Beer, Sorrel Stout
Seasonal Belikin Beers. Chocolate Stout, Verano Beer, Sorrel Stout

7. Carib Beer

Carib Beer is the newest beer in Belize
Carib Beer – Alcohol 5.2%

8. Heineken

Heineken Beer is very popular in Belize
Heineken Beer – Alcohol 5%

9. Red Stripe

Red Strip Beer in Belize
Red Stripe – Alcohol 4.7%

There’s also a drink called Dragon Stout that almost no one drinks so I decided not to list it. A fun fact — for the curious minds out there — is that you can still see international beers such as Corona, Tecate, Dos Equis and Budweiser at family parties and especially at local weddings. But those are all smuggled contraband from Guatemala and Mexico.

Which is your favourite beer? Or are you a rum-kind-of-guy?



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