Burrell Boom's Riverside Party

Locals relaxing by the river bank in Burrel Boom
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Good food, drinks and the cool breeze at the river bank – that is all that it takes to have an excellent time in Burrell Boom.

Burrell Boom is a small Belizean Kriol village near Belize City. It received its name from a Scottish logwood and mahogany lumberjack who built a massive log boom in the area during the 1700s. The village is brilliant at a couple things; the first is at making local wines of cashew, sorrel, potato, rice, and blackberry, and the second is at hosting fun events by the river during La Ruta Maya River Challenge.

I’ve prepared this photo essay so that you can witness the simple life in Belize:

Burrell Boom during La Ruta Maya

Burrell Boom during La Ruta Maya
People wander around eating, drinking and socializing.
Burrell Boom locals play games at events
Burrell Boom locals
Burrell Boom people
It gets busy in the afternoon
Local wines in Burrell Boom
Man selling local wines at Burrell Boom
Local food in Burrell Boom
Jenny serves a mean plate of Oxtail, Dukunu and Rice and Beans
Belizean DJs in Burrell Boom
DJs play good music as the crowds dance all afternoon

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  1. Belize Blog says

    Just what I needed…I am headed to Boom this weekend for the Ruta Maya…and I had no idea what to expect. I will be saying NO to the local “wine”.

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