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When traveling in Belize, you will meet people that make your experience unforgettable, Stone Crab, is one of those persons. He is one of the most interesting characters in Caye Caulker, if not, the entire country.

How I met Stone Crab

It was the Easter weekend and I was in Caye Caulker with friends. It was a last-minute trip and we were fortunate to have booked rooms since the island gets crazy busy during this time. There are limited hotels on Caye Caulker, not to mention that it was also a full moon on the weekend, which meant more people would want to be there for their monthly full moon parties.

I crossed paths with Stone Crab at The Split, when he came to say hello to my friends, they knew him from previous visits to Caye Caulker; now that I look back at it, I don’t know how I hadn’t met him before, in my teens I had spent entire summers on the island.

The Split

He joined our table with two Guinness in his hands, I looked at his baseball cap and it also said Guinness — it was evident that it was his drink of choice. From afar you could tell he was what we call in Belize: a broad Kriol. He couldn’t hide his cultural background, his facial features and mannerism made him stand out. He was also very boisterous. Around his neck, he branded a huge stone crab pendant on a thick silver chain. “It is a real claw”, he would repeat all day.

Over drinks he explained how he originally was a fisherman from Belize City who relocated to Caye Caulker many years ago, becoming one of the first inhabitants of the island. He had owned a lot of land on the island, but now he only has a beach-side property across from the split, which is only accessible by his boat. I laughed when I saw his boat, of course, etched on the starboard was his name: Stone Crab. He promised if we hung out with him for the entire day, in the evening he would take us to the full moon party on his boat. We agreed without hesitation, and we surely had one of the most amazing experiences ever.



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